What should I expect post-operatively?

Sutures will have been placed underneath the skin.  These will dissolve over several months. Sutures will have been placed onto the skin and these are most frequently the type that will dissolve in one week.  A special tape is placed over the sutures to help protect the wound.  A bra will be worn continuously for 21 days, 24 hours per day. Instructions on bra removal for washing will be given after the surgery.  There is generally very little pain after this operation and only a moderate amount of swelling.  The patient may return to work in 3 to 4 days unless the work involves bending or lifting.  Walking may be resumed the day after surgery.

More than likely, a surgical will have been be put on you over your gauze bandages.  This may be replaced by another bra or you may be asked to wear this particular bra for about 21 days - non-stop.  This should be adhered to as non-compliance could affect your end result and or healing.  Your stitches will be removed if they are of the non-dissolving kind.  If not the special tape will be removed by you in the shower at the end of the 21 days.

It is quite possible to have loss of sensitivity in the nipple and breast skin due to the swelling. The swelling blocks the nerves ability to send and receive pain and pressure messages to and from the brain.  This may resemble a numb feeling and is quite normal.  Most sensation returns within 1 to 3 months or possibly up to a year or more.  Unfortunately, some instances prove that the loss of sensation is a permanent one.