Vision/Mission and Values


Our Vision/Mission and Values



Bumrungrad International Hospital aims to be the most trusted healthcare and wellness destination


Deliver excellence in clinical services
Transform hospital operation with innovation and advanced technologies
Build a strong foundation for growth and sustainability


  • Inclusion         
  • Agility
  • Innovation
  • Caring

Patient and Staff Safety Statement

Everyone at Bumrungrad Hospital PCL has responsibility for the safety of our patients and staff. The Hospital Governing Board has the overall responsibility of directing the commitment to safety. The Executive and Management teams have the responsibility to oversee, guide and implement the safety programs at Bumrungrad; however, everyone at Bumrungrad is responsible for safety. Safety is a team effort that is at the core of our business and central to our success and competitiveness.

We believe that:
  1. Safety shall never be compromised
  2. All errors are preventable.
  3. Nothing is more important to Bumrungrad than the safety of our patients and our staff.

Quality Statement

Bumrungrad Hospital PCL is committed to providing “World Class” services by using the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality and Magnet criteria as the framework for achieving our overall organizational performance objectives. We benchmark and validate our performance through internationally recognized accrediting and certification bodies such as Joint Commission International (JCI), Hospital Accreditation (A-HA) and The College of American Pathologists (CAP) for Safety & Quality towards patient care excellence.

Environmental Statement

Bumrungrad International is committed to protecting the global environment and to conserving energy and natural resources. We support efforts to maintain and promote the health and safety of the community and we participate in activities supporting these principles.

Environmental Statement Guiding Principles

  1. The Hospital will establish environmental, health, and safety policies that comply with government regulations and world standards and ensure that staff and contractors are properly educated and trained in these policies.
  2. Every staff member and contractor on the Hospital's premises is expected to follow the Hospital's environmental policies and report any environmental, health or safety concerns to management to take appropriate actions.
  3. We will minimize the environmental impact of the hospital's operations on the neighboring communities due to such potential hazards as infectious waste water management, etc.
  4. We will respect the use of natural resources by participating in energy conservation, initiative and supporting the recycling of materials.
  5. We will conduct stringent audits and reviews of the Hospital's compliance with our environment policies and strive to continuously improve the environment.