Bumrungrad News

Nov 24 2020

Bumrungrad introduces an innovation in genomic medicine by opening the ‘Preventive Genomics & Family Check-up Services Center,’ advancing the hospital’s leadership in medical technology.

Pharmacist Artirat Charukitpipat, Chief Executive Officer of Bumrungrad International Hospital together with specialist doctors and top executives are opening the ‘Preventive Genomics & Family Check-up Services Center’

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Nov 17 2020

The Expatriate Liaison Center at Bumrungrad International

The Expatriate Liaison Center at Bumrungrad International Hospital is a one stop information desk, supporting new and existing expatriate patients and their companions who are living in Thailand.

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Nov 16 2020

Preventive Genomics and Family Check-up Services

Services is providing diagnosis, treatment, advice, risk assessment and screening for diseases caused by genetic abnormalities by multidisciplinary team with international standard genetic testing laboratory.

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Nov 02 2020

Early Detection is Key to Beating Lung Cancer

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and brings awareness to the way we can strive to prevent cancer by early detection.

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Oct 26 2020


PINK RIBBON DAY: In recognition of October as an International Breast Cancer Awareness month, Bumrungrad International Hospital united Pink Ladies Group under the umbrella of the Queen Sirikit Center for Breast Cancer (QSCBC) Foundation and the International Women’s Groups of Bangkok on October 20, 2020 to raise awareness regarding the breast cancer continuum.

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Oct 05 2020

Show We Care ‘Stroke Can be Prevented’ With a Discount Code 5,000 THB

Lifestyle behaviors as well as some congenital diseases may increase one’s risk of having a stroke. Bumrungrad International Hospital wishes to Show We Care with a discount code 5,000 THB with the purchase of every stroke prevention screening package.

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Oct 02 2020

Breast Cancer: End of the Road is Further Away than You Think

Unfortunately, “Cancer” has become such a common word today. Especially in women, “breast cancer” is the most common cancer globally, to the point that one eighth for women have a chance to face this type of cancer sometimes in their lives.

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Sep 21 2020

The VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center and Bumrungrad Hospital announce the launch of RAKxa: VitalLife @Bang Krachao

A joint venture with M.K. Real Estate and Minor International – the Asia’s first fully integrated scientific wellness and medical retreat

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Sep 16 2020

Cataracts: A Leading Cause of Blindness

Surgery is performed by cataract specialists. Intraocular lenses meet international standards of quality.

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