Hospital Accreditation & Awards


Bumrungrad Recognitions for Quality and Safety

At Bumrungrad International Hospital, we strive to improve the health of our community and beyond by providing world-class clinical care, pioneering research and treatments. Over the years, Bumrungrad been recognized for its efforts in pursuing quality, innovation and excellence in healthcare and medicine. The following are a few of our more recent recognition:

Bumrungrad is Ranked as World's Best Hospitals 2024 among Top 250 Hospitals and the number one hospital in Thailand for the Fourth Consecutive Year by Newsweek

Bumrungrad International Hospital has been ranked by Newsweek magazine and Statista as one of the best hospitals in the world and the number one hospital in Thailand for the fourth consecutive year. On February 28, 2024 (US time), Nancy Cooper, Global Editor in Chief of Newsweek, announced the ranking of the world's best hospitals for the year 2024, listing 250 hospitals on, highlighting that:

  • Bumrungrad is ranked among the best hospitals in the world, positioned at 130 out of the 250 top hospitals globally - an impressive leap from last year's rank of 182, showing significant improvement from 2023.
  • Bumrungrad is the only Thai hospital to be ranked among the top 250 hospitals worldwide for four consecutive years.
  • Bumrungrad has been ranked as the number one hospital in Thailand with a score of 93% among 30 hospitals in the country - while the second-ranked hospital scored 87.34%.
The ranking by Newsweek and Statista was determined by an international panel of health experts based on four critical criteria: 1) An online survey of more than 85,000 doctors, hospital managers, and healthcare professionals from 2,400 hospitals in 30 countries, 2) Patient experience data, including overall satisfaction, recommendation rates, and satisfaction with healthcare, 3) Hospital quality index, including specific care quality data, patient safety, hygiene measures, and staff-to-patient ratios, and 4) Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs), incorporating patient treatment outcome assessments into the ranking process. The survey was conducted by Newsweek and Statista, a reputable German market research and data analytics firm, between January 1 and December 31, 2023.


Joint Commission International (JCI)


International Standard of Excellence

Bumrungrad is the first hospital in Asia to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world leader in healthcare accreditation. With over 350 standards on the international standards of requirement, the accreditation inspects every aspect from surgical hygiene and anesthesia procedures to the credentials of medical staff and health policy issues. In 2002, Bumrungrad International Hospital was the first hospital in Asia to be accredited by the US-based Joint Commission International (JCI). The hospital has also been re-accredited seven times consecutively.

Click here to see the JCI Certificate.

Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA)

Bumrungrad Hospital is the  FIRST  hospital outside USA  Accredited by the Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) Program  since Year 2017.

Click here to see the GHA Program certificate.

Hospital Accreditation (A-HA)

International Standard of Quality
Bumrungrad is the first hospital in Thailand to obtain the Advanced Hospital Accreditation (A-HA) from the Healthcare Accreditation Institute in 2016. We are also the only healthcare organization to receive the accreditation from Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali Phravararajatinuddamatu at the 17th annual HA National Forum. The Healthcare Accreditation Institute voluntarily examines hospitals from outside the industry, inspecting how each hospital operates and holds up to the international standards of quality set forth by the United States and Canada. Bumrungrad is honored to be recognized by the Healthcare Accreditation Institute.

Click here to see our Hospital Accreditation (A-HA).

World's Best Smart Hospitals 2021


2021: Bumrungrad International Hospital has been awarded on Newsweek’s list of World's Best Smart Hospitals 2021, the #1 hospital in all of Thailand, and one of the world’s top 250 hospitals. From integrating new technologies and digital to ensure that every patient will receives good quality health care.

Bumrungrad International Hospital received two major awards at the “Marketing Excellence Awards 2022” in Thailand, for outstanding performance and excellence in the marketing field of Thailand

  1. Excellence in COVID-19 Related Campaign : Silver – The COVID-19 Challenge, Offering a COVID-19 Vaccination Service to the Public
  2. Marketing Team of the Year : Bronze
  3. Excellence in Marketing to a Specific Audience – Bumrungrad Pride Clinic - Finalist
Recipients were selected by a panel of judges that consisted of qualified marketing professionals and industry leaders from across the ASEAN region. This award has previously been held in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Thailand MIKE Award 2021: SILVER


Bumrungrad International Hospital has been named as the only one hospital in all of Thailand that received the Thailand MIKE Awards 2021 with innovative and knowledge assets to make differentiation leading to integrated healthcare.

Kentico Experience: Site of the Year 2020

VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center, a subsidiary of Bumrungrad International Hospital, has been recognized as a industry awards finalist in the Healthcare category at Kentico Xperience Site of the Year 2020. It's one of the world's most popular content management systems.

Click here to see the Kentico Experience certificate.

Thailand Influencer Awards 2021 by Tellscore


Bumrungrad International Hospital has been received Best Health Care & Aesthetic Center Influencer Campaign, based on our performance on social media by categories Health Care & Aesthetic Centers. The only one hospital to achieve this awards of this year.

YouTube Works Award 2021,Small Budget, Big Result

Inspired by a true story of a foreign patient who was transferred to Bangkok amidst the pandemic to receive treatment at Bumrungrad International Hospital, the video was able to capture the hearts of the audience, achieving 6 times higher views at 3 times lower cost.

YouTube-Works-Award-2021_1.png YouTube-Works-Award-2021_2.png

OTB: Only the best International Film Awards 2022

The pathologist, Movies Based on True Stories. Meet the story of an important person behind the scenes of cancer treatment that you may not have known before. This short film have got special award in recognition of excellence in filmmaking. International recognition for independent films, OTB is a monthly online award that recognizes outstanding productions from around the world.


Thailand Digital Transformation Awards by categories Best Customer Experience Award, 2021-2022 for the 2nd consecutive year


Bumrungrad International Hospital has been received Thailand Digital Transformation Awards by categories Best Customer Experience Award 2022 with the project "Pentagon Search: Finding Everything", which was the second consecutive year of this award.
The award is held to appreciate public and private organizations that can drive the organizations strategically to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness for both internal and external cooperation, in order to add value and advantage to overcome Digital Disruption and be ready to transform the organization into the Digital Economy, according to the government policy.

Click here to see the trophy from Thailand Digital Transformation Awards 2022

Bumrungrad International Hospital CEO of the year 2021

Bumrungrad International Hospital received the CEO of the Year award given to Ms. Artirat Jarukitpipat from the Healthcare Asia Awards 2021, another proof point of the leadership in innovative healthcare industry.

Click here to see the certificate from Healthcare Asia Awards 2021

Thailand Best Employer Brand Awards 2021

“Thailand Best Employer Brand” and “Excellence in Training”

Thailand Zocial Awards 2019-2022 :Best Brand Performance on Social Media for 4th consecutive year

Bumrungrad International Hospital is recognized as a finalist of “Best Brand Performance on Social Media” in the Hospitals category at the Thailand Zocial Awards 2022 for 4th consecutive year. The hospital was recognized for excellence in marketing activities via social media based on the measurement criteria arranged by WISESIGHT METRIC, developed by Wisesight (Thailand).


Best of tweets 2021: Best Campaign for Driving Positive Change in Society

Bumrungrad Hospital Winner of Best of tweets 2021: Best Campaign for Driving Positive Change in Society. This award goes to a brand that not only saves lives, but through their #เราเลือกได้ (We Can Choose) campaign, Bumrungrad Hospital (@BumrungradH) drove positive conversations that gave people the hope to fight cancer. Based on a true story, the gentle but powerful campaign featured a doctor who detected cancer early enough to treat it – and defeat it. The campaign asked people on Twitter to join in the conversation to cheer up and give encouragement to those who are suffering from the disease.



Bangkok Post would like to congratulate the organisations and brands on the awards received that reflect brand quality and popularity. Stay tuned for the list of 12 award winners including 6 organisations and 6 products & services providers as voted by Bangkok Post readers. Bumrungrad International Hospital is recognized as a winner of MOST TRUSTED HOSPITAL BRAND.

Annotation-2022-03-01-104946.jpg Annotation-2022-03-01-110437.jpg

GBA: Global Brand Awards 2022

Bumrungrad Hospital received the GLOBAL BRAND AWARDS organized by Global Brand Magazine. GLOBAL BRAND AWARDS was established with the aim of honoring excellence in performance and rewarding Companies across different sectors. The award honors who have performed extraordinarily well in the field of Finance, Education, Hospitality, Lifestyle, Automobiles, & Technology. The awards are given to acknowledge key players who strive for fineness & provide a platform for recognition.


The Global Economics Awards 2022: Winner

Bumrungrad International Hospital received The Healthcare Award Winners in the category awards for Most Innovative Use of Technology in Healthcare from The Global Economics Awards 2022, organized by The Global Economics, a leading UK-based financial publication.

The Global Economics Awards Healthcare winner Most Innovative Use of Technology 2022 2023 

The Global Business Magazine Awards 2022

Bumrungrad Hospital received Best Hospital of the Year Thailand 2022 and Most Emerging Company in Healthcare Thailand 2022 from The Global Business Magazine, a leading business and finance magazine from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, organizes the Global Business Magazine Awards to celebrate excellence, extraordinary support, and top performers in a number of industries.


Global Health and Travel – 2019 APAC Healthcare and Medical Tourism Awards

  • 2019 Medical Tourism Hospital of the Year in Asia Pacific
  • 2019 Integrated Healthcare Clinic of the Year in Asia Pacific (Vitallife Wellness Center)
  • 2019 Smart Facility of the Year in Asia Pacific
  • 2019 Value Based Hospital of the Year in Asia Pacific
  • 2019 Orthopaedic Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific
  • 2019 Women’s Health and Wellness Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific
  • 2019 Transplant Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific
  • 2019 Bariatric Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific
The awards ceremony was held at the JW Marriot Hotel Kuala Lumpur on 25-26 April 2019

Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards 2019


“Financial Management Excellence,” for achieving over ten billion baht in revenue in one year. The awards ceremony was organized by the Thailand Management Association (TMA) and the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration

Brandage Online For 2nd Consecutive Year

Brandage Online - “Thailand’s Most Social Power Brand 2018-2019”

Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) Centre of Excellence Program

Sterilization and Sterility Assurance
Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) Centre of Excellence Program has an expert panel that defines healthcare organizations as a Center of Excellence when it fulfills quality disinfection and sterilization service standards and takes leadership in helping other CSSD institutions in their implementation of CSSD education programs. Certified by the Asia Pacific Society for Infection Control (APSIC), CSSD honored Bumrungrad as the CSSD Centre of Excellence in 2016.

The College of American Pathologists (CAP)

Excellence in the Practice of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
The College of American Pathologists (CAP) is the leading organization of board-certified pathologists, which helps foster and advocate excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine worldwide. Bumrungrad is the first private hospital in Thailand to be accredited by The College of American Pathologists (CAP) in 2016. This accreditation acknowledges the accuracy and consistent quality of our diagnoses and test results.

Click here to see the College of American Pathologists certificate.

The Strategic Initiative for Developing Capacity in Ethical Review (SIDCER)

Ethical Review of Health Research 
The Strategic Initiative for Developing Capacity in Ethical Review (SIDCER) is a network of regional, ethical review committees, health researchers and partner organizations which monitors the quality and effectiveness of ethical review worldwide. The SIDCER works in collaboration with the Forum for Ethical Review Committees in Asia and the Western Pacific Region (FERCAP) and The National Ethics Committee Accreditation System of Thailand to ensure global protection for all human participants in health research. Bumrungrad International Institutional Review Board (BI/IRB) receives international recognition for our ethical contribution to health research by SIDCER in 2016.

Westgard Sigma Verification of Performance

Outstanding Performance
The Westgard Sigma Verification of Performance program is an initiative that was created to highlight laboratories with the right QC implementation, which allows organizations to yield accurate and reliable test results. Bumrungrad is honored to receive the award Outstanding Performance at the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Awards in 2014. This recognition validates the performance of our laboratory instruments and incredible accuracy in lab tests.


Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence
The ACE Recognition Award credits AMCHAM corporate members who demonstrate a strong understanding of business operation with long-term economic and social value. The AMCHAM ACE Awards is one of the important benchmarks for CSR within the United States and the international business community in Thailand. Bumrungrad received the AMCHAM Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Recognition Award with Gold Status in 2013.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club Thailand

Commitment to Community
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club Thailand is established by the support of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Thai Listed Companies Association under the vision of “Connect for Sharing.” With a comprehensive set of CSR guidelines and policies, CSR Club named Bumrungrad as one of the 50 Good Practices in 2012.

The DAISY Award

Recognition for Extraordinary Nurse Care
Established by the DAISY Foundation, The DAISY Award is a recognition program for nurses who provide extraordinary care for all patients and families. The US-based DAISY Foundation recognizes the compassion and clinical skills of nurses around the globe. Bumrungrad is proud and honored to be among the acknowledged hospitals with such distinguished nurses. Click here to see our awarded nurses.

Click here to see the nurses who received award

Thailand’s Best Employer

Managerial Excellence and Employee Engagement 
Bumrungrad has been named Thailand’s Best Employer in the “Large-enterprise without Federation of Labor Union” category by the Department of Labor Protection, Ministry of Labour. In receiving this award in 2009, Bumrungrad is recognized for managerial excellence and good employee relations.

Thailand Tourism Awards

Excellence in Health Tourism
Bumrungrad is the first private hospital to receive the Award of Outstanding Performance in Medically-Oriented Establishment by the Thailand Tourism Award in 2008. The designation comes from The Tourism Authority of Thailand, honoring Bumrungrad’s efforts in pioneering excellent medical care for tourists.

Thailand Quality Class (TQC) Award

Organizational Excellence
Thailand Quality Class (TQC) Award is based on the famous Malcolm Baldrige Award in the United States. Founded in 2002, TQC audits an organization’s strategic, management and operational processes. Bumrungrad is the first private hospital to qualify for TQC, and the Deputy Prime Minister Korbsak Sabhavasu presented the award to Mr. Mack Banner, Bumrungrad International’s CEO, in 2008.

Certificate of Distinction: Heart Failure Program

In 2022, Bumrungrad International Hospital’s Heart Failure Program was awarded the Disease-Specific Care Certification from the Joint Commission International (JCI). This certification provides patients with confidence when receiving heart failure treatment and care at our hospital.

View the certificate: CCPC: Heart Failure Program