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Sep 17 2019

Colonoscopy’s Leading Role in Cancer Prevention & Early Detection

Colon and rectal cancer, together called colorectal cancer, are the third-most prevalent cancer worldwide, and the fourth-leading cause of cancer-related deaths.

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Sep 11 2019

How Genomic Profiling Finds the Best Treatment for Cancer Patients

Comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) is an advanced diagnostic testing method Bumrungrad oncologists are now using to match individual patients with the best possible treatment for cancer.

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Sep 10 2019

A bright future on the horizon for curing lung cancer with your own immune system

“The latest research has shown that immunotherapy can radically increase the survival rates of patients with lung cancer in metastasis, which is a huge upgrade in the cancer-fighting arsenal of patients and physicians”

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Sep 03 2019

Sarcoma Cancer - Early Detection for A Better Chance of Survival

  “Sarcoma is similar to other types of cancers that if detected early, the treatment can proved very effective. On the contrary, if the cancer is found in a metastatic stage, the survival rate is markedly reduced.”

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Sep 02 2019

10 Tips to Get Kids to Eat More Veggies

The first generation to be outlived by their parents, that’s the stark warning from medical communities across the globe; with the Nutrition Support Team at Bumrungrad Hospital also reporting a rise in obesity and related health problems in kids.

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Aug 26 2019

Vaccinations Save Lives

Some of the loveliest beaches and scenery exist in Thailand. Flip-flops and swimsuits often seem part of the mandatory attire on or near the beach. And one day while walking along beautiful white sands, you notice a sharp pain in your foot.

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Aug 23 2019

Foods that Help with Hypertension

The common belief that Thai food is far healthier than the diet of fatty foods in the West is not necessarily untrue. However, it obscures the reality of some of the most pressing health crises in Thailand, one of which is hypertension or high blood pressure (HBP).

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Aug 21 2019

New Breast Cancer Treatments Appear on the Horizon

“Good news from world leading cancer experts signals new hope for breast cancer patients”

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Aug 20 2019

What Research is Revealing about Alzheimer’s Disease

For over 30 years, medical research studies have been searching for answers about Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the progressive and irreversible brain disease, and the most common form of dementia

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