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Bumrungrad Experiences: Myanmar Patients Share Their Stories

Explore the inspiring stories of Myanmar patients who have had remarkable healthcare experiences at Bumrungrad International Hospital.

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Cervical cancer: A preventable deadly cancer

According to the World Health Organization, in 2020, cervical cancer is the 4th most common cancer found in women worldwide. We now know that the human papillomavirus or HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer.

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HPV vaccine FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

There are two methods for cervical cancer screening: Pap smear or Co-test. The Co-test method enhances accuracy since it can detect abnormalities at the cellular level.

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Urodynamic testing

Urodynamic testing or urodynamic studies help diagnose issues with the bladder, urinary sphincter (the muscle between the bladder and urethra) and urethra, which are also known as lower urinary tract, to find the true causes of bladder control problems.

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Heart valve disease, a possible hidden danger

The heart consists of four chambers, with valves opening and closing to allow blood to pass through between the upper and lower chambers in one direction, and not backward. There are many ways to treat heart valve disease. Currently, Bumrungrad Hospital has the technology for heart valve replacement without surgery, a treatment option that is highly safe and yields good results.

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Whole New Lease of Life - Mr. Bruce Lee Miller's Bumrungrad Experience

Facing a diagnosis that nearly halted his life, Mr. Bruce Lee Miller, a global traveler culturally enriched by his adventures, found a ray of hope at Bumrungrad International Hospital.

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Unbreakable Optimism I Miss Cynthia Rutare Bumrungrad Experience

In this inspiring video, Miss Cynthia Rutare bravely shares her journey of recovery and resilience after a life-altering accident

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The Health Risks of PM 2.5

PM 2.5 are pollutants small enough to enter the bloodstream through the lungs. They pose significant health risks, including aggravated respiratory diseases, cardiovascular problems, and increased cancer risk. It is crucial to monitor air quality and consult a healthcare provider if respiratory or cardiovascular symptoms occur.

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Seeking Wellness Abroad: An Indonesian's Experience with Thailand's Healthcare System

Join Mrs. Kristy, a dynamic woman from Jakarta, on her journey to discover exceptional healthcare services abroad.

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