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Dec 06 2019

Stretches to prevent office syndrome

Learn the stretches that can help prevent office syndrome with this handy infographic.

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Dec 03 2019

A First-hand Look at the ICU’s Life-saving Technologies

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Bumrungrad International Hospital is equipped with a comprehensive range of up-to-date medical technologies that contribute greatly to the care of ICU patients. The advanced technology can be seen in the ICU’s state-of-the-art ventilators, in the mechanical devices delivering 24-hour Continuous.

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Dec 02 2019

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine: Oxygen Sensing and the Clue to “Switch-off” Cancer

Almost everyone knows that oxygen is fundamental to the survival and well-being of humans. But how do our cells sense and adapt to the change in oxygen levels? The 2019 Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for the discovery of this answer, which also gives us new clues in solving the mystery of cancer: anti-VEGF therapy.

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Nov 27 2019

PRP Explained: Healing Injuries with Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP therapy leverages the body’s capacity to heal itself, injecting blood platelets to accelerate the healing and reduce the pain of bone and soft tissue injuries and chronic conditions.

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Nov 25 2019

Heart Valve Replacement | Newness of the Heart Valve

Mr. Ahmed Naseem Ibrahim Didi, the father of the Vice President of Maldives, has been suffering from symptoms, such as tiredness, shortness of breath, and chest pain, which is caused primarily from a degenerative condition called aortic valve stenosis of the heart.

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Nov 22 2019

Mind Over Cancer: Positive Thought Can Set You Free

“Positive thinking, not putting too much pressure on yourself and always believing that you are in fact cancer free, living a happy life as you normally do, that is the key to being cured of cancer.”

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Nov 15 2019

Radiation Therapy for Cancer: Fear Unfounded

“Radiation therapy is painless, no different from getting an x-ray. The duration of a course varies depending on the patient’s condition. Prostate cancer may require eight weeks, whereas breast cancer might need six weeks, and lung cancer six to seven weeks. Radiation therapy is spread out over a long period to ensure that the patient’s healthy cells are less damaged by the radiation.”

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Nov 05 2019

Helping Hand, Healing Warmth

Afraid of not waking up again after falling asleep. Losing your most precious memories, unable to remember even your loved ones. Battling with a life-threatening illness.

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Nov 05 2019

How to Store Your Medication

Learn the four key elements of safe and proper medication storage with our helpful infographic

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