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شعبان 13 1440

My Child Snores. Is Something Wrong?

Many of us have had a good night’s sleep interrupted by a partner or spouse who snores.

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شعبان 06 1440

Robotics and AI’s Rapidly Growing Impact on Healthcare

Whether robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will have a significant impact on healthcare is no longer a question of “if” or “when”.

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جمادى الثانية 22 1440

4 Things to Know about Warming Up Before Exercise

Does it matter whether or not you warm up before exercising or playing sports? There are a number of good reasons to always start

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جمادى الثانية 17 1440

Surgery Team’s 15-year Effort to Heal Children’s Hearts

Fulfilling its community responsibilities has been a guiding principle from Bumrungrad Hospital’s early beginnings.

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جمادى الثانية 06 1440

Children and Eating Disorders: What to Avoid and What to Get Right

Food is essential for supplying critical nutrients a child needs for proper growth and development. But the wrong kind of food

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جمادى الأولى 24 1440

How Fit Are You? VO2 Max Has the Answer

Do you know how fit you are? The gold standard of fitness and performance metrics is VO2 max

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جمادى الأولى 18 1440

Research Links Kidney Damage to Chemicals in Popular Food and Drink

Cases of chronic kidney disease have grown significantly in recent years due to the global diabetes epidemic.

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جمادى الأولى 17 1440

Air Pollution: Health Effects and Tips During Haze

Seasonal dry conditions without much rain in Bangkok have resulted in higher accumulations of particulate matter over the last month, with high pollution levels expected to continue in the near term.

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جمادى الأولى 15 1440

The Benefits to Be Gained from Vaginal Delivery

Expecting mothers have two different delivery options to choose from when they are ready to give birth, that being vaginal delivery and Cesarean section, also known as a C-section.

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