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Esperance is an integrative cancer clinic. The multidisciplinary team continuously collaborates with cancer experts translating scientific innovation into therapy implementation. At Esperance, up to date research fuels our patient centered approach, together driving our mission to provide scientifically based holistic cancer care.
In conjunction with Bumrungrad International Hospital, Esperance is a comprehensive cancer clinic that translates medical research into cutting-edge treatments while minimizing the harsh adverse effects. With the patient’s quality of life at the heart of our approach, we strive to provide the best patient care available as we prevent, control and treat cancer.

Our Values
At Esperance, we treat cancer with compassion and precision. While we provide integrative cancer treatments and prevention methods, we also strive to improve the quality of life for patients with an array of supportive care and side effect management programs. We believe in creating a caring and comfortable environment for patients and family.

Why choose Esperance
  • Innovative, integrative cancer care
    With the patient’s quality of life at the heart of our approach, Esperance strives to provide targeted treatments that are tailored to the patient’s exact needs.
  • Tackle cancer from every angle
    As a leader in integrative cancer care, Esperance strives to provide the best patient care available as we prevent, control and treat cancer.
  • Devoted to expert integrative cancer care
    In partnership with Bumrungrad International Hospital, Esperance sets the standard of excellence in integrated cancer treatments and prevention. With an integrative approach to cancer care, our team of dedicated experts develop and adopt innovative ways to minimize cancer’s devastating effects.

Primary Cancer Treatment

Fight cancer with our support

At Esperance, we have a team of specialists carefully weighing all of your primary cancer treatment options to create a plan that is personalized. Precision medicine involves testing the drug sensitivity profiles of the patient’s cancer cells, helping us decide which treatments may limit possible adverse effects and maximize results. 

  • Cytotoxic Therapy
A treatment approach that kills cancer cells by using anticancer preparations, including but not limited to chemotherapy and the use of botanical agents.
  • Heat and Laser Based Therapy
A selection of physical methods, such as heat, laser and ultrasound are used to target, shrink and destroy cancer cells.
  • Immunotherapy
A type of cancer treatment that boosts the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer.
  • Precision Medicine
An approach that helps select the most effective treatments based on a patients genetic and molecular information.
  • Metabolic Therapy
Treatments to help weaken the cancer cells’ resistance ability and capacity to spread by inhibiting cancer cells' energy production.

Supportive Care

Fight cancer with our support

That is why we are committed to providing patients with detailed nutrition consultation, effective pain management and psycho-social support services, for patients and their families. When appropriately addressed it leads to improved immune function, decrease in muscle loss and improves overall patient outcomes. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We are dedicated to helping patients and families with many types of cancer-related stress and challenges that occur during the cancer continumum of care. Learn more about our array of supportive care services and start navigating from treatment to recovery.



The best way to fight cancer is to prevent it

At Esperance, we have developed and honed prevention strategies to help reduce the risk of cancer. Our approaches prior to a potential initial diagnosis or during remission include liquid biopsy, testing the levels of tumor and metabolic markers, the production of an immune profile and next-generation sequencing.
Today, nearly 80% of cancer is driven by environmental and lifestyle factors such as nutrition choices, oxidative stress, harmful toxins and chronic inflammations. For that reason, screening for such risk factors is also a cornerstone of Esperance’s cancer prevention approach. We offer a range of services and strategies based on leading-edge research to help individuals reduce cancer risk or detect cancer early at its most treatable stage.

  • Liquid Biopsy
A non-invasive way of monitoring an individual’s cancer status, risk or treatment performance.
  • Tumor Markers
The analysis of tumor markers may suggest the presence of cancer, helping medical oncologists to monitor therapy progression.
  • Immune Profile
An immune profile helps predict the patient’s responses to immunotherapy and monitor the progress of the treatment.
  • Next-generation Sequencing

A tool that allows oncologists to discover significant functional mutations, genetic changes and pathways.


Improve your sense of well-being and quality of life with detoxification

While detoxification is primarily used for cancer prevention and remission therapy, it may also be appropriately applied after chemotherapy to remove toxic residuals. Furthermore, detoxification has protective effects for many chronic degenerative conditions, including cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, metabolic and rheumatic diseases.

  • Customized Chelation
A therapy that helps remove toxic heavy metal compounds and organic acids with the usage of agents that bind on to the offenders so they can be expelled from the body.
  • Far-infrared Sauna
A type of sauna that uses special frequencies of infrared light to create heat, which helps carry away specific toxins.
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
The colon is an important detoxification center in the body. Barriers to its function come in the form of endotoxins (toxic substances that are a result of bacterial breakdown). To remove endotoxins sterile water is introduced to the colon in a calm environment.

Dr. Somchat Soontrapirom


Dr. Thiraphop Waipradab


Dr. Brian Kunakom


Dr. Kamon Chaiyasit

Dr. Sukunya Soksawatmakhin

To Prevent Cancer From The Start at Esperance Integrative Cancer Clinic​ “Esperance”, the Esperance Integrative Cancer Clinic at Bumrungrad Hospital, reinforces on its success with Mrs. Tacharee Thanduan's integrative cancer treatment from early breast cancer patients (1A) to beginning to discover ways to prevent and reduce the risk of cancer recurrence in the future, as well as taking good care of loving families by detecting inherited breast cancer genes. "Mrs. Tacharee Thanduan is currently receiving continuous treatment at Esperance to reduce her risks of a long-term cancer recurrence"


Battling cancer for almost 5 years at Esperance Integrative Cancer Clinic “Esperance”, the Esperance Integrative Cancer Clinic at Bumrungrad Hospital, reinforces its success with integrative cancer treatment for Mrs. Phanida Palasu, a stomach cancer patient with a doctor's prognosis of less than a year and hoping to see her daughter attend university. Mrs. Phanida is currently continuing her cancer treatment and health care at Esperance so she may be with her daughter as long as possible.

Esperance Integrative Cancer Clinic at Bumrungrad Hospital can help you prevent cancer recurrence. The success story of Ms. Boontisa Techasongkun, a former triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) patient who was treated and cured, highlights the effectiveness of integrated cancer therapy at Esperance. After being cured, she remains in care at Esperance to defend against a possible cancer recurrence. Before undergoing treatment at Esperance, our doctors and specialists will offer helpful counseling and advice for concerned patients. 
Esperance Integrative Cancer Clinic recognized as the Integrated Cancer Medical Centre in the Asia-Pacific Region 2023: Leading the Way in Comprehensive Cancer Care
In a momentous achievement, Esperance Integrative Cancer Clinic has been honored with the esteemed Global Health Asia-Pacific Awards 2023 for "Best Integrated Cancer Medical Centre of the Year" in the Asia-Pacific region. This recognition highlights Esperance's unwavering commitment to providing innovative and personalized approaches to preventing and fighting cancer, ultimately improving the quality of life for patients.
Established in conjunction with Bumrungrad International Hospital, Esperance has redefined cancer treatment by embracing a comprehensive and personalized approach. Esperance's unique treatment lies in its emphasis on research, immunotherapy, and early detection. Through continuous laboratory research, we uncover new insights and develop novel approaches to screening, enabling early detection of cancer and providing patients with a higher chance of successful treatment.

At Esperance, we go beyond traditional cancer treatments by offering integrative treatments that extend far beyond standard protocols. Esperance's treatment framework encompasses Primary Cancer Treatments, Supportive Care, Prevention, and Detoxification. We firmly believe that supporting our patients through their cancer journey involves more than just targeting the disease itself.
Our comprehensive supportive care programs focus essential elements in promoting the overall well-being and quality of life for our patients. Primarily, Esperance takes a proactive approach to cancer prevention, utilizing advanced techniques like liquid biopsy, tumor markers, immune profiling, and next-generation sequencing for early detection and personalized treatment strategies.
Nutrition plays a crucial role in supporting the body's healing process and optimizing treatment outcomes. At Esperance, our dedicated nutritionists work closely with patients to develop personalized nutrition plans that provide the necessary nourishment and support for their individual needs. Moreover, pain management is a key aspect of our patient-centric care approach. We understand the debilitating impact that cancer-related pain can have on individuals. To alleviate pain and improve patients' comfort, we employ a multidisciplinary approach that combines pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions.
Correspondingly, cancer can take an emotional toll on patients and their loved ones. At Esperance, we recognize the importance of providing psychological support throughout the cancer journey. Our team of compassionate psychologists and counselors offers a range of therapeutic services, including counseling and support groups, to help patients cope with the emotional challenges they may face. We strive to create a caring and comfortable environment where patients and their families can find solace and support.
Lastly, detoxification is an integral part of our holistic approach to cancer care. We offer customized chelation therapy, a specialized treatment that aids in the elimination of heavy metals and toxins from the body. Additionally, our state-of-the-art far-infrared sauna therapy promotes detoxification, relaxation, and rejuvenation, supporting the body's natural healing processes.
This guarantee of the Global Health Asia-Pacific Awards 2023 is a testament to Esperance Integrative Cancer Clinic's unwavering pursuit of excellence in integrated cancer care and comprehensive support services. This prestigious recognition fuels our dedication to advancing the field, transforming lives, and delivering exceptional patient outcomes, guiding our commitment to excellence.


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