Local Hyperthermia


How Does Local Hyperthermia Treat Various Types of Cancers?
A Local Hyperthermia machine targets an area where a tumor or localized cancer cells are located. It uses heat generating energy (i.e. radio waves) to raise the temperature in that area in order to kill cancer cells, as well as their supporting nearby blood vessels, which enable them to thrive. Local hyperthermia treatment also has the added benefit of stimulating the individual’s immune system in that area, in a similar manner as having a fever increases the immune system’s ability to fight illnesses.
Yes, it is often used with both chemotherapy and radiation. The heat at the site decreases the cancers cells ability to be resilient against the actions of chemotherapy and radiation. Thereby local hyperthermia complements the underlying actions making the outcomes better than if chemotherapy or radiation are completed alone. It also may result in less toxic side effects to the patient in certain cases if lower doses are used.
To be lying down on the bed portion of the machine and moved into an ideal position. The probes will be placed over and below the specific site by the physician who will enter into the computer the amount of energy required for treatment. A nurse will remain throughout to monitor how well the patient is feeling during the procedure, and to ensure that the amount of heat energy transferred remains stable. This ensures that the temperature rises to the appropriate level, stays consistent at the site and decreases the chance of injury.
As with most procedures side effects may occur. These can include pain and skin damage at the site although they generally do not last long. Nerve or muscle damage around the treatment area are also possible although rare.

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