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Patient-centered Pharmacy Department at Bumrungrad International Hospital

Bumrungrad International Hospital’s expert pharmacy center provides patients with easy access to safe, effective medications and optimal outcomes. This includes specialty prescription drugs at fair costs, making drug therapy more affordable for local and global outpatients. Accredited by The Joint Commission, Bumrungrad guarantees the quality care in the prescription that we provide. The Pharmacy division at Bumrungrad ensures the accuracy, quality and hygiene level of prescribed drugs with automated pharmacy robots, digitalization system and precision-guaranteed sensors. To promote a culture of compassionate care and innovation, we adopt and apply new technologies to optimize the effectiveness of our medication use.

The Outpatient Pharmacy provides prescription services to accommodate discharged patients, as well as medical tourists.

At Bumrungrad, we have a dedicated team of outpatient pharmacists offering a wide range of specialized medication services, from pediatric to oncology. Our pharmacists evaluate prescriptions with a defined appropriateness review before dispensing. This includes reviewing the appropriateness of the drug, dose and frequency of the prescription, as well as any potential allergy, drug-to-drug and drug-to-food interactions and patient-specific information given. All the medication is stored with a bin location system that allows pharmacy technicians to find the exact location of each item to ensure further accuracy in prescriptions. Furthermore, our Drug Information Service (DIS) is available on a 24-hour basis, offering consultation and answer inquiries with regards to medicine and prescription.

The Inpatient Pharmacy helps with medical distribution and clinical pharmacy to inpatient units.

As the first hospital in Asia to use automated robots in the pharmacy division, Bumrungrad embraces innovative changes and strives to provide safe, effective medication for inpatients. Our pharmacists handle each prescription care, reviewing it with a defined appropriateness review before distribution. The inpatient pharmacy division services the following subdivisions: Centralized Inpatient Pharmacy, Critical Care, Operating Room (Satellite) and Emergency Room (Satellite). We have certified staff available on a 24-hour basis.

Clinical Pharmacy Services provides medical and therapy recommendations to patients, maximizing safety and health outcomes.

Clinical Pharmacy Services provides integrated pharmaceutical care to subdivisions within Bumrungrad. On the other hand, the Medication Counseling Service handles discharge information and medication counseling for selected patients. Medication Therapy Management Clinic helps outpatients resolve drug-related problems and offer in-depth insight such as daily dosage and how to apply the medication at home. Clinical Pharmacokinetic Service is also available for patients which require pharmacists to monitor the drug dosage in the bloodstream. At both Ambulatory Anti-coagulation Clinic and Pharmaceutical Care in Critical Care Unit, our expert pharmacists work as a team to carefully review medicine with extra precision.

The Pharmaceutical Admixture and Compounding Services deliver high-quality admixture solutions to patients.

As a pioneer in creating compounded sterile preparations, Bumrungrad’s Pharmaceutical Admixture and Compounding Services are registered to distribute and prescribe compounding products. The Pharmacy Compounding and Intravenous Admixture Services (IAS) divisions are in charge of preparing the medications required for infusion therapy and complex manipulation technique in the Cleanroom suite with the use of aseptic technique . The Pharmacy Oncology Services specializes in preparing chemotherapeutic agents and targeted immunotherapies for cancer patients at Horizon Center and Oncology Inpatient Wards. Moreover, we counsel cancer patients to inform them of any new chemotherapy regimen and ways to manage or minimize side effects.



The Medical Procurement and Inventory is where our medicine is stored in a quality-controlled environment with a precise bin location system.

The Medical Procurement and Inventory plays a pivotal role in pharmacy and hospital management at Bumrungrad. The division controls the flow of drugs, as well as the environment they stored in. Every single medicine in an inventory is quality- and temperature-controlled to provide continuous service. For instance, we pay attention to the precise temperature and humidity of our inventory with a censor to ensure that medicine is kept under manufacture quality. At Bumrungrad, we select safe and trustworthy medicine from regarded pharmaceutical company for our patient.

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