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The Pharmacy Department, Bumrungrad International Hospital,
takes a patient-centered approach in providing services.

The Pharmacy Department, Bumrungrad International Hospital,
takes a patient-centered approach in providing services.

Providing professional services, Bumrungrad Hospital’s  Pharmacy Department  ensures that patients can access medications that are safe and effective to achieve the best outcomes.  Accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the services’ quality and accuracy are confirmed.  Technology has been brought in to enhance safety.  This includes an up-to-date drug database linked to the hospital’s patient information system, facilitating the checking for drug duplication, drug-drug interactions, and drug allergy.  A robotic dispensing system is also in place.  All this is aimed at patients getting the most appropriate and safest medications, which makes up the hospital culture in addition to rendering services to patients with care and attention.

Outpatient pharmacy provides medication dispensing services along with advice from professional pharmacists.

Bumrungrad Hospital features a team of outpatient pharmacists who fulfill medication orders while also providing advice related to their specialty such as pediatrics and oncology.  Our pharmacists carefully check the appropriateness of medication orders, taking into account the different factors in different patients. This is to ensure that each patient receives appropriate medication.  The pharmacists review, for example, drug appropriateness, dosage, drug administration frequency, drug-drug interactions, food-drug interactions, drug allergies, and cross-reactivity among drugs.

Inpatient pharmacy provides medication distribution services for hospital inpatient units.

Bumrungrad Hospital’s Inpatient Pharmacy is committed to providing medicine delivery services to patients with a focus on safety and efficiency. Our team of pharmacists oversees the dispensing of medicines for individual patients, thoroughly reviewing the appropriateness of medication orders.  In addition, to enhance efficiency and timeliness in dispensing medications, inpatient pharmacy subdivisions dealing with particular departments have been established, namely, the Intensive Care Unit Pharmacy, the Operating Room Pharmacy, and the Emergency Pharmacy.   They are available around-the-clock to ensure the safety of the medications before being delivered.

Pharmaceutical Care

The objective is to promote the best use of medications for optimum outcomes in Pharmaceutical Care provides integrated services for particular groups of patients, one for specific patients and one for heart failure patients. This is in order to take care of the patients by preventing problems and provide in-depth advice related to the use of medications.  Regarding pharmacokinetic care, patients taking special medications are monitored and drug levels in blood are measured and properly adjusted.  Pharmaceutical care is also available for patients in the ICU and for both outpatients and inpatients receiving anticoagulation drugs.  In addition specialty pharmacists in our team who have American board certification are ready to provide pharmaceutical care, taking the patient-centered approach and working with multidisciplinary teams.


Our team of pharmacists specializing in pharmacogenomics can give advice on selecting appropriate tests and counsel before and after pharmacogenomic testing.  This helps ensure effective and safe treatment.  The pharmacogenomic test results is useful before selecting certain groups of drugs or while receiving those drugs.  In this way, drug allergy risks and side effects can be reduced.  Dosage can be properly adjusted for individual patients as they can have different drug responses. In addition, the pharmacists working in pharmacogenomics prepare reports on drug recommendations based on the pharmacogenomic test results so the clients can have the information to rely on and enhance safety in drug use in the future.

Sterile compounding and chemotherapy preparation services 

We provide drug preparation services for specific patients, for example, sterile injections, parenteral nutrition,  patient-controlled analgesic injections, complex injection preparation, diluted high-concentration electrolyte, thrombolytic injections, injections for neonatal intensive care unit, particular eye drops not available on the market, chemotherapy, and batch production in a clean room for sterile compounding with pharmaceutical preparation cabinets of standards.  Quality is inspected and controlled in getting medicines that are ready to be administered by a team of well-trained pharmacists and pharmaceutical staff with more than 20 years of experience. On top of this, immunotherapy and chemotherapy drugs preparation services are available for cancer patients at the Horizon Regional Cancer Center and oncology wards.  The pharmacists work on securing drug supplies and storage, reviewing appropriateness of medication orders, identifying  possible problems from drug use, and collaborating with doctors and nurses to prevent problems and find solutions.  Finally, in addition to preparing sterile compounding effectively and in time, the pharmacists counsel patients on chemotherapy treatment, potential side effects of cancer drugs and how to minimize the risk of those side effects.

Drug Information Service and Telepharmacy

Drug Information Service (DIS)

Available 24 hours a day, DIS features pharmacists efficiently giving advice, answering  questions about medications, and providing data and information required.  The use of academic evidence is also promoted to support treatment and operations.  Knowledge about drugs and health products is disseminated in the way that’s easy to understand to the public.


Professional pharmacists using communication technology to provide telepharmacy services for remote patients, including patient counseling, drug dispensing, and drug therapy monitoring.  Patients can get the same experience as what they get in an in-person encounter but with no need for hospital visit at all.

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Home delivery service of medications

The Pharmacy Department provides home delivery service of medications around the clock both domestically and internationally.

For home addresses within the country, two types of service are available.

  1. Special delivery service by messenger: Available at all times and covering the Greater Bangkok area, i.e. Bangkok and the surrounding provinces, the service lets patients receive the medications within three hours after payment is made.
  2. Parcel delivery service: Covering all areas over Thailand, patients receive the medications within 1-2 days after payment is made.

Knowing full well that all kinds of medicines are important and affect the treatment of patients, the Pharmacy Department opts for transport service providers of standards, offering proper temperature control throughout transport, i.e. 15-25 °C for those drugs to be stored at room temperature and 2-8 °C for those to be refrigerated.  In addition, once the home delivery of medications is made, patients will be contacted by a pharmacist who gives advice on medication use.  Patients can thus rest assured that the Pharmacy Department’s services are of the same standards both when provided in person and through home delivery service.



Patient-centered Pharmacy Department at Bumrungrad International Hospital

Bumrungrad International Hospital’s expert pharmacy center provides patients with easy access to safe, effective medications and optimal outcomes. This includes specialty prescription drugs at fair costs, making drug therapy more affordable for local and global outpatients. Accredited by The Joint Commission, Bumrungrad guarantees the quality care in the prescription that we provide. The Pharmacy division at Bumrungrad ensures the accuracy, quality and hygiene level of prescribed drugs with automated pharmacy robots, digitalization system and precision-guaranteed sensors. To promote a culture of compassionate care and innovation, we adopt and apply new technologies to optimize the effectiveness of our medication use.

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