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As you go through life, your health needs evolve. Maintaining good health at every stage is what we all desire.  At VitalLife, we understand the science of aging and how to optimize your quality of life. As your trusted partner, our mission is to help you navigate towards resilient and youthful longevity.

Feel Younger

We let you rediscover the vitality of a youthful life and make the date on your driver's license look like a lie.

Look Better

We help you look the best version of yourself - an attractive external appearance that boosts confidence and success.

Live Longer

We slow down the aging process and get you ready to live a healthy and active life longer.


Harnessing 20+ years of sound expertise and technology breakthroughs

Our experienced team of exceptional practitioners from a variety of health disciplines, combined with our proprietary AI-powered longevity systems and methods, is the backbone of our service to you. This unique blend of expertise and advanced technologies allows us to optimize your health potential by applying ultra-early disease prevention with targeted longevity interventions.





International Leadership


As a network of international experts, we offer the best and most advanced medical service from longevity hotspots all over the world. We are a connected and thought-leading global player, accumulating new knowledge 24 hours a day.


Trusted Track Record

Our patients trust our doctors and their proven track record as part of one of the world’s most renowned hospitals: The Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok.


Precise and Clear Basis for Decisions


We have the rare ability to communicate complex medical interrelations in an understandable and motivating way. We provide crystal clear recommendations for our patients which enables them to make their own decisions.


Insights from advanced Biomarkers through cutting-edge diagnostics

At VitalLife, we use cutting-edge diagnostics to assess advanced biomarkers to gain a 360-degree, longitudinal view of your well-being. This enables us to detect potential health risks and apply personalized interventions promptly and efficiently.

Proactive prevention through VitalLife’s holistic longevity approach

Our holistic approach to longevity allows us to anticipate your health concerns in order to prevent, detect, then intervene precisely. We can help you enjoy a healthy life, with a focus not solely on “extending” but “enhancing” its quality and vibrancy.


Youthful longevity beyond healthcare
VitalLife goes beyond the definition of traditional healthcare. We are your co-pilot and companion in nurturing and preserving your youthful longevity. You are unique and you deserve a personalized approach to your health. Your path to a long, healthy and youthful life is in the best hands at VitalLife, a highly qualified, compassionate team of dedicated professionals.

VitalLife - we help you shape your youthful longevity.

Scientific Substance

We believe that advanced medical science opens substantial new ways to master health challenges which we combine with the accelerating power of modern digital technologies.

Full Personalization

Precise and effective medical treatment demands a fully personalized approach to every single patient, including all their unique physical and mental characteristics.

Trustworthy Partnership

We are at our patients side whenever and wherever needed. Striving for a long-term relationship of equals, we base our work on mutual trust and transparency.

We help you to….


Knowledge is Power
Science now offers us new tools to understand our bodies. At Vitallife, we use cutting-edge technologies to gain valuable insights into your health. This allows us to create a personalized health plan to help you feel better, look better and live longer.

Blood Age

Unlock the secrets to a longer, healthier life with Blood Age

Your personalized roadmap to aging optimization and improved longevity. This comprehensive assessment goes beyond your chronological age, providing you​ with valuable insights into your biological age, its main contributors, and actionable recommendations to promote longevity

With our Blood Age, you can:

  • Understand your true aging status and identify potential health risks
  • Track changes in your blood age over time and monitor the effectiveness of lifestyle changes and interventions
  • Make informed decisions about your healthy longevity based on AI data-driven insights

DunedinPACE Epigenetic Clock

Unlock the Secrets of Your Aging Clock! DunedinPACE Epigenetic Clock : Your Path to Youthful Longevity

The Most Advanced Biological Age Test Available, Understand how fast you are aging ​

DunedinPACE, a comprehensive analysis with a simple finger prick that provides personalized insights into your biological age and overall health status. This cutting-edge assessment goes beyond your simple birth date, delving into the molecular level to reveal the true state of your aging process. It utilizes over 20 years of follow-up data on various aging and health biomarkers, including triglycerides, dental health, brain atrophy, facial age, disease status, and more than 20 additional indicators, backed by 45+ publications at 30+ scientific labs ,created by Columbia University & Duke University biological clock scientists.

With our DunedinPACE Epigenetic Clock, you can:

  • Analyze your rate of aging and biological age, to understand your starting point and the path you are on.
  • Know morbidity and mortality rate from chronic disease, to guide your lifestyle choices
  • Measure telomere length, directly linked to one of the key hallmarks of aging
Hormone Testing
Are your hormones in balance?
Hormones play an integral role in health, happiness and longevity. These chemical messengers regulate virtually every function in our body. When our hormones are balanced, we can feel tired or moody.

Small imbalances – Lead to big problems
Even small imbalances in hormone levels can trigger significant issues, like weight gain, fatigue, moodiness and loss of sex drive. Yet hormonal imbalance is often overlooked as the cause.
At Vitallife, hormone testing is one of the key diagnostic pillars. We test levels of hormones that have a direct impact on sleep, metabolism, mood and sex drive. We understand that hormonal balance is a vital part of feeling younger, looking better and living longer.

Micronutrient Testing
Are you getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs?
We all know the importance of vitamins and minerals to our health. Yet how much of these micronutrients we need for optimal health is often a mystery.
Conventional medicine and routine checkups rarely test for micronutrient levels in the blood.
Vitamins and minerals play a major role in how our cells function and how fast they age. Over time, micronutrient deficiencies can cause health issues and contribute to aging because cells oxidize or 'rust' without proper protection.
Yet even if we consume sufficient micronutrients, our bodies may not absorb them properly. Genetics, age, poor diet and alcohol can all impact our ability to absorb and process micronutrients.
Analyzing your nutritional status
At Vitallife, we believe micronutrient testing is critical to good health and body function. Testing is the first step to identifying and tackling deficiencies.
By establishing a baseline for optimal micronutrient levels, we can help prevent disease and premature aging at the cellular level.

Wellness Check-ups
A powerful tool for wellness
Wellness check-ups at Vitallife are a simple but powerful way to manage your health and prevent disease. Unlike basic physical exams, our checkups focus on wellness rather than illness.
Our doctors analyze your hormonal balance, vitamin levels, fitness and longevity levels. We analyze your genetics and your lifestyle habits, checking for signs of disease today and in the future. Nagging issues like fatigue, mood or sleep problems are also given due attention.
Wellness checkups are particularly useful for people with busy, stressful lives. Those in their 40s and 50s can also benefit, since they are more prone to lifestyle and age-related disease.

Lifestyle Genetic Testing
Understanding your genetics can bring you one step closer to making more personalized health and lifestyle choices lies in predisposition awareness, disease prevention, risk assessment, and health maintenance.



Sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Do you feel tired all the time? Have nagging pains or joint aches? Has there been a drop in your sex drive? Do you still not feel right although your doctor has said everything's normal?
All of these can be symptoms of underlying health issues or imbalances. The root cause may be a hormonal imbalance, food intolerance, poor lifestyle habits or toxins in your gut.
  • Low Energy & Fatigue
  • More Vitality - Boost your energy levels and power through the day
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Healthy Libido - Get back that loving feeling and put the drive back into your sex life 
  • Toxicity
  • Clean Body - Rid your body of energy - depleting toxins
  • Insomnia
  • Better Sleep - Enjoy the quality sleep you need to feel rested and relaxed


Experience your true potential…
For people between 40 and 60 years of age, mid-life can be the time to realize their full potential. This is when our career often peaks, as does our earning power. It is also an important time in family life, as children grow up and parents grow older.
Yet mid-life can also be a time of feeling ‘stuck’ or disappointed, or of midlife crisis. All of these have major implications for our health.
This is an important crossroads in life and it may be time to adjust course. Making important life decisions and investing in your health today can pay dividends in future health and happiness.

Immune Function
Keep your body defenses healthy and strong. The immune system is constantly battling against germs and other pathogens that can make us sick. Illness disrupts our lives, impacting our ability to work and care for our family. Building immunity can protect us from debilitating disease and its associated costs.
At Vitallife, we believe a strong immune system is essential to long-term health and vitality. To boost your immunity, we prescribe lifestyle strategies and provide support therapies to help keep you strong and free of disease.

Digestive Function​
A healthy gut promotes a healthy mind and body. Physicians often refer to the gut as the second brain, because it plays a central role in how our bodies and brains function.
The digestive system both nourishes our body and eliminates waste and toxins. People with poor digestive function often suffer from constipation, diarrhea, allergies, rashes, headaches and food sensitivities. Poor digestive function also impairs the body's ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste, leading to a buildup of toxins in the blood.
At Vitallife, we can help you improve your digestive function.

Brain Function
Keep your brain active and sharp to maintain your competitive edge.
We take for granted that our brains are always 'on,' but taking care of brain health is an essential part of maintaining our physical health. Diet, stress, exercise and sleep can all affect how well our brains work. We can increase brain function by modifying our diet, sleep, exercise, hormone levels and nutrition. Better lifestyles really do translate into better brain function.
At Vitallife, we help you boost brain function. We analyze your lifestyle, body function, and hormone and micronutrient levels. Based on test results, we can prescribe lifestyle strategies and support therapies to help keep your brain razor sharp.

Weight Management
Most of us struggle with weight issues at some point. Maintaining a healthy weight in a world that is obsessed with both food and body perfection is hard. Many people wrongly think dieting is the solution -- in fact the solution is weight management.
Weight management is not the same as dieting. It involves a holistic approach including genetics, food consumption habits, digestive function, stress levels and exercise routines. Managing weight for long-term health does not require a diet; it requires a plan.
At Vitallife, our approach to weight management is to customize a program specific to your genotype, body type and lifestyle. We have specialists in nutrition, exercise, hormones, detoxification and supplementation who can develop a personalized plan to help you reach a healthy weight and maintain it for life.

VitalLife Longevity Intervention

Revolutionize Your Health Journey! Our Innovative Supplements are Tailored​ to Combat the 12 Hallmarks of Aging.

  • Crafted with precision under CGMP standards. Elevate your health with a commitment to quality you can trust
  • Nourish your body with the essence of nature. Our organic ingredient supplement is a testament to purity and quality, delivering the goodness your health deserves


Aging often scares people because it brings unwanted changes to their appearance and activity levels. They dream of regaining the beauty and vitality of youth. Fortunately, science can help. New advances in personalized medicine, cell therapy and aesthetics are redefining how we age.

Customized IV Formulation
Give your body a boost! Customized formulations of intravenous (IV) vitamins and minerals can defend against micronutrient deficiencies and toxic buildup in our bodies. These formulations help purge the toxins that accumulate in our tissues and gut, while supplying the vitamins and minerals to help our cells function optimally.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Healthy hormone levels can help you feel younger again. We often ignore the importance of hormone levels in our body but these chemical messengers coordinate complex processes like growth, metabolism and fertility. They can also influence the immune system and even behavior. As we age, our hormone levels change, producing side effects like reduced sex drive, weight gain, mood and sleep disorders.

Customized Nutraceuticals
Supercharge your diet with the right vitamins and minerals. Vitallife doctors specialize in developing customized IV formulations that detoxify the body while boosting immune function and energy levels.
At VitalLife, your health journey is our priority. As your needs evolve, so do our solutions. We are dedicated to guiding you towards resilient and youthful longevity, empowering you to thrive at every stage of life

For more than 20 years, our team of international scientific experts and healthcare professionals have been leveraging the latest research and technological advances enabling innovative therapies that empower your healthy, long life

VitalLife continuously transforms healthcare with its innovative methods and dedication to research, empowering you with personalized approaches in your pursuit to reverse the hallmarks of aging



VitalLife's Longevity Health program, led by our team of scientific experts and healthcare professionals is rooted in pioneering scientific research addressing the 12 "Hallmarks of Aging" in combination with a holistic comprehensive disease risk perspective


Aging is a complex process influcenced by various factors.

Primary Causes (Causes of Damage):

  • Genomic Instability: Instability increases when we are aging. The rate of mutations, rearrangements and changes on our genetic materials increases. The instability can lead to elevated risk of DNA replication/ repair errors leading to various health issues including cancers.
  • Telomere Shortening: With each cell division, telomere naturally shorten. Eventually, when they become too short, cells can stop dividing or become senescent. This leads to disrupted tissue function and contributing to many age-related diseases.
  • Epigenetic Alterations: Changes in the structure of chemical markers attached to our DNA, can lead to abnormal gene expression without altering genetic code.  This process explains how the genes are turned on or off.
  • Loss of proteostasis: The failure in maintaining proper protein folding, assembly and degradation within cells. When this balance is disturbed, it leads to cellular and organ level dysfunction such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.

Antagonistic Causes (Responses to Damage):

  • Deregulated Nutrient Sensing: Our body’s ability to detect and respond to nutrients like glucose, amino acids or fatty acids becomes disrupted. This situation can lead to metabolic dysfunction which is the main cause of conditions such as diabetes and obesity and negatively affects epigenetics.
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction: The dysfunction of the powerhouse of our cells (mitochondria) is a situation when too little energy is produced. This negatively affects organs and systems throughout the body, which then leads to the accumulation of damaging byproducts.
  • Cellular Senescence: This state is when our cells stop dividing and enter a permanent cell cycle arrest (zombie cell) and leads to inflammation.  It often occurs as a response to stress, toxin exposure, gene damages, etc.

Manifestations of Aging Hallmarks:

  • Stem Cell Exhaustion: Ability of stem cells to regenerate declines over time. This limits tissue and organ repair.
  • Altered Cellular Communication: When our body is aging, there are changes in signaling pathways between cells, which can potentially lead to abnormal cell function, disease development or improper response to external stimuli within the body.
  • Inflammaging: Chronic, low grade, systemic inflammation plays a pivotal role in the development of atherosclerotic heart diseases, cancer and neurodegenerative condition e.g. Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Disabled Macroautophagy: Macroautophagy is a cellular process, responsible for removing and recycling damaged cell components. When this process is disrupted, it can lead to the accumulation of waste in our cells, potentially contributing to diseases, including neurodegenerative conditions and metabolic disorders.
  • Microbiome Dysbiosis: Imbalance of natural microbial community, reduction of beneficial kind and overgrowth of the harmful kind leads to brain dysfunction, poor immune health, and chronic inflammation.


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