What is Mastopexy?

 The Mastopexy or breast lifting operation is really several different procedures.  Each of the different operations has as its intended purpose to lift the breast up and position the nipple in the position that it was in before sagging occurred.  Sagging occurs due to three circumstances either alone or in conjunction with each other.  First, after pregnancy and breastfeeding the breast has become stretched and the skin loosened.  Frequently there is actual loss of some of the breast tissue and this allows for sagging also.  Second, weight gain and loss can stretch the skin and also create sagging.

Third, the process of aging and the effects of sun and gravity tend to decrease the elasticity of the skin and this can be a significant factor creating sagging of the breast.  The goal in all these instances is to move the nipple back to a higher position and to reshape the breast to create a more beautiful appearance.  Most often the need for excess skin removal is apparent.