What are the risks of Rhinoplasty?

It is possible to develop tiny red marks and spots, this can be the result of blood vessels that may have burst under the skin's surface during the surgery.  Although this is extremely infrequent it can happen and the spots may not ever go away.  Scarring is minimal if the incisions are made inside of the nose, however when an "open" technique is used, or if narrowing of the nostrils is desired the scars made on the outside of the nose may be visible for am undetermined amount of time (usually until maturation).  Even when a highly skilled surgeon performs your surgery, sometimes your body may not heal correctly or have adverse reactions causing undesired results.  If so it is quite possible that additional surgeries may be needed.  Some patients will lose their sense of smell, temporarily.  Your nose may be slightly swollen and for over a year. Scar tissue may heal in a way that may cause a whistling sound to be heard when you breathe in and out.

This surgery has the highest rate of revisions.  It seems that some people, especially mature people, may not readily accept the new look.  Being accustomed to their old nose, they just can't seem to comfortably make the transition.  Although there are a few rhinoplasties that just don't heal correctly, due to something as serious as human error (the surgeon's) or as simple as not having your head elevated enough or sleeping on one side a lot without a proper cast.  The nose can pull to one side if the cast does not support it properly in the first week.  Or quite simply, your body may just heal that way.