What are the different techniques in performing a Cheek augmentation?

 There may be surgeons who only wish to use a certain implant type or a certain incision.  Surgeons should give you a choice, as the updated techniques are less scarring than the previous ones.  The doctor may prefer an intra-oral approach where the only incisions are placed within the mouth area.  No visible scars are made with the inta-oral incisions, plus they heal much faster.  However, oral techniques sometimes are plagued by a higher rate of infection.  Especially in those with problems with apparent plaque build up or poor dental hygiene.

Check with your doctor on the preferred technique that he utilizes.  He may very well prefer the traditional methods out of not being aware of the newer ones or he may very well offer only the newer ones, with the thought that the older techniques are simply, out of date.  This subject varies with surgeon to surgeon.