What does a typical breast reduction consultation entail?

 Firstly, your doctor will discuss your goals with you and he will explain what can realistically be achieved.  A surgeon should take into account what your hip size is.  Your breasts may be a hindrance to you but removing too much will make your hips look large and give you a pear shape.  Obviously you can request significant removal, just consider balance when determining your end size.  Many women with large breasts just "want them out!"  but may later regret having the majority of the breast volume removed.  I am just suggesting thorough consideration before committing.

He or she will then show you photos of his work, you may also wish to show him photos that you have brought to the consultation of what you like and do not like.  He or she should discuss the risks at length and the details that are associated with a breast reduction.  There is no one size fits all technique when it comes to this procedure.  It is all individual, just like you!

Protocol for a pre-operative appointment if you should choose to undergo a breast reduction:
Prior to surgery, a complete medical history is taken in order to evaluate the general health of the patient.  The breasts themselves are then examined thoroughly to determine the most effective surgical approach.  The surgeon will go over the anesthesia to be used, the procedure, what results might realistically be expected and possible risks and complications.

Mammograms or x-rays may be taken as well as pre-operative photographs.  Preoperative instructions often include the elimination of certain drugs containing aspirin for several weeks before surgery in order to minimize the possibility of excess bleeding.  Birth control and other estrogen containing hormones may also be discontinued temporarily (depending upon the individual).  Antibiotics, pain relievers and other medications prescribed a few days prior to your surgery for your convenience as we want you to be completely prepared for your surgery with no excess worry.