When is Mastopexy usually performed?

Usually, after pregnancy or after pregnancy and breast feeding there is a lot of breast tissue loss.  Sometimes it is just age or even a drooping caused from not wearing a bra through most of one's life.  Mastopexy is often sought out by women who have either been pregnant or have gained a lot of weight and have since lost the weight.  A Mastopexy will transform a sagging breast to its former youthful appearance.  However, if you are planning to have children (or additional children), you should postpone your Mastopexy until after you are sure you are not going to bear children any longer.  If you choose to have a child after having had a Mastopexy you will only stretch your skin even more, and even thinner this time, and will have to get another Mastopexy.  If you should decide to have children after a Mastopexy, your breastfeeding ability should not be disturbed as the milk ducts should be left intact and undisturbed (unless it is the anchor incision technique where disturbance is quite possible).  Discuss with your surgeon the techniques he prefers.  Other than that, a Mastopexy can be performed at usually any age (under 18 with parent's permission) if you are in good health and meet certain emotional criteria (such as stability).