What does a typical Mastopexy consultation entail?

At your consultation, your surgeon should  measure your breasts and general torso area to determine a natural and aesthetically pleasing position for your breasts and areola/nipple complex post-op.  You should provide your surgeon with photos of your breasts previously in life, if possible. If not, a bathing suit photo may help.  Your surgeon should take into account your skin condition and  (i.e. elasticity and thinness) and age.  Sometimes a surgeon will offer the option of having an implant inserted if there is barely any breast tissue remaining.

Your surgeon should discuss with you the details of how a Mastopexy is performed, explain the possible risks and complications involved and any post-operative special care instructions.  He/she should also discuss with you ALL costs involved so that you are not surprised by hidden costs.  Discuss with your surgeon any questions or concerns you may have before deciding whether or not to commit to Mastopexy.