How much is breast augmentation going to cost me? What about if I need a revision?

This definitely depends upon your region, surgeon can range from $2,500. to $10,000. and up.  Prices may vary due to region, surgery bids, the newness of practice, marketing ploys, the occasional "special", demand of surgeon, etc.  These prices may or may not include, operating room coasts, anesthesia, lab work medications, and more so be sure to ask beforehand and get it in writing.

If you are in need of a revision there is little else you can do if nothing was determined beforehand, but pay the fees and move on. So please determine revision stipulations beforehand and get this in writing as well.  Such things as CC, infection and others are usually not covered (although some surgeons do cover this).  Surgeon error should be covered at the surgeon's expense so please review the practice's revision protocol before booking your surgery.  It is better to prepare for the worst and hope for the best than be hit by an avalanche of additional postoperative fees in your time of misfortune.