Can a woman breastfeed after Breast Augmentation?

 The answer is yes.

A lot of women ask if they can breast feed after Breast Augmentation Surgery.   For the vast majority of women who have BA breastfeeding is no more difficult with implants than without.

Breastfeeding is a growing concern with patients who have had Breast Augmentation surgery. In previous years, women who received implants were married and had already finished with childbearing. However, more and more single women, and women who have not finished or even begun childbearing are having the surgery.

In 1992, the first report of a Silicone Illness hit the media. At that time there was fear that breastfeeding with silicone implants would endanger the child. There has been studies performed to show this not to be the case. The main reason being that the silicone molecule is too large to pass into the milk ducts.

Particularly with the belly button approach, the breast tissue and ducts are not disturbed, cut or affected. The procedure literally takes place under all of the breast tissue, not going through it. There is no evidence that silicone from the implant shell enters the milk.

However, with other incision locations and techniques other than the TUBA and trans-axillary, it is quite possible to disrupt the mild ducts and lines resulting in blocked ducts during a pregnancy. This has been known to happen with a peri-areolar technique resulting in additional surgery to unblock the milk ducts.