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Hospital FAQs
  • Q1

    Are treatment costs different for local and international patients?

  • No.  The hospital has only one pricing system.  Patients of all nationalities are on the same price and quality standard. 
  • Q2

    Do all the doctors at Bumrungrad work on the same campus?

  • Yes.  We have over 1,200 physicians and surgeons in over 55 specialties and sub-specialties on-site.  Many are American Board Certified with other doctors having been trained in either Japan, Australia, or various European countries.  As well, a number of our part-time doctors are professors from Thailand’s top medical schools.
    The advantage of a fully integrated facility is that it ensures our patients one destination for all medical needs.
  • Q3

    Do you have a pick-up service at the airport arrival gate?

  • Yes, only at Suvarnabhumi (BKK) airport.  Please provide us with your flight arrival time and patient information, prior to your travel date. Additional service charges apply.
  • Q4

    Does Bumrungrad accept credit cards?

  • Yes.  Payments can be made by most major credit/debit cards, cashier’s check, bank transfer, e-payments and cash (Thai Baht only).  Please note that personal checks are not accepted. Foreign exchange is available at in-house and nearby banks. 
  • Q5

    Does Bumrungrad employ foreign doctors?

  • All of our practicing physicians and surgeons are of Thai nationality.  In Thailand, doctors are required to pass a medical license examination for clinical practice in Thai (Thai Language).  However, Bumrungrad does employ international doctors as coordinating physicians, in helping us better understand and manage patients from various different cultures.
  • Q6

    Does Bumrungrad have accommodations for the patient’s family members or friends etc.?

  • One relative can accompany a patient in the single rooms. Should you consider staying at a near-by hotel, we have a list of Corporate Rated Hotels. To get the mentioned corporate rate, please click

    You may also visit Nearby Hotels, which is provided by a widely-used and internationally recognized third party service (Bumrungrad is not affiliated with the third party service providers).
  • Q7

    For arrivals at the Bangkok Airports, how can I get to Bumrungrad?

    • Suvarnabhumi (BKK) Airport, our Airport Counter can be reached at: Map of Airport Representative Counter
      • Complimentary Shuttle Van Service is provided for patients and relatives traveling from the airport to the hospital.  Vans operate on an interval schedule.  Please align your flight time accordingly.
      • Taxi — See Map, Direction & Taxi Info and please make sure that the taxi meter is switched on.
      • Airport Limousine — Contact our Airport Representative Counter.
    • Don Muaeng (DMK) Airport, we currently do not have an airport counter nor provide shuttle service at this airport. Please contact us in advance for transportation service. Payable directly to transportation counter.
    For more information
  • Q8

    For first time visitors, where is the first point of contact in the hospital?

  • If you are a new patient, please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment for registration at the Sky Lobby (10th floor of BI Clinic building), or at the 2nd floor of BI Hospital building. Please bring a list of medications or herbal remedies, if any, that you are currently taking. 

    For insurance policy coverage, please check the List of Insurance companies that we accept.  All patients under 20 years old must be accompanied by a parent or official guardian.
  • Q9

    How do I make an appointment?

  • You can contact one of our International Referral Offices* in your home country or contact the hospital directly at Make an appointment in advance. For the emergency, please contact +66 2066 8888 .  
  • Q10

    How do the international patients communicate with doctors and medical staff?

  • English is widely spoken at the hospital. You will be able to speak English with all of Bumrungrad’s doctors, nurses, and customer service staff.  We also employ more than a hundred interpreters in various languages, to help with patients who speak foreign languages.  Some of the included languages are Burmese, Cambodian, and Arabic etc.  See more under Q11.
  • Q11

    How many patients does Bumrungrad treat annually?

  • We treat approximately 1.1 million out-patients per year, which are about 3,000 out-patients per day.  50% of our patients are Thai and the other 50% from international. 
  • Q12

    How would you recommend the most suitable doctor?

  • If you go to the Make an Appointment page and ask us to recommend a specialist, we will make a recommendation for you based on your selected specialty, the medical information you provide, and your desired appointment date. 

    You may also view our doctors’ profiles at Find a Doctor. 
  • Q13

    What facilities does the hospital have in place, specifically for international patients?

  • For all patients, our facilities are provided for the safety and convenience:
    • Medical Coordination Office:  Thai and international medical professionals working as administrative staff to consult medical enquiries, coordinate the scheduling of procedures and appointments with doctors and help with follow-up care planning.
    • Referral Coordination:  Specially trained staffs to respond medical inquiries (handling over 500 to 1,000 inquiries per day).
    • Airport Representative Counter:  Our airport representative team assists patients upon arrival at Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK).  Shuttle van service is provided for patients and relatives traveling from the airport to the hospital.  Map of Airport Representative Counter
    • Interpreter Services:  The hospital employs more than 100 full-time international interpreters to assist with the many languages spoken by our patients.  Hospital interpreter service is free of charge. For special languages interpreters, please contact our customer service in advance.   List of Languages Available.   
    • Travel and Visa Services:  The service arranges travel needs for Bumrungrad patients and families while receiving hospital care. The Immigration Bureau operates a visa extension service at Bumrungrad once a week to process visa extensions for patients and their families who have doctors’ medical certificates.  Services of our Business Center 
    • International Referral Offices*:  As of 2018,  we now have 46 offices in 26 different countries with 1 Virtual RO, providing special assistance and coordination for prospective patients wishing to seek medical care at Bumrungrad (* independent entities working with Bumrungrad International).
    Other facilities available:
    In-house bank and currency exchange, prayer rooms, Au Bon Pain, McDonald’s, Starbucks Coffee, food court, bookstore, flower shop, post office — as well as, valet parking service, shuttle van to BTS Skytrain station, and corporate room rates for nearby hotels. 
    Our hospital is within walking distance of BTS Skytrain, convenient stores and international restaurants (including Halal and Vegetarian).
  • Q14

    What if my preferred doctor is not available?

  • We would suggest making an appointment with an alternative doctor. Or you may consider changing your appointment date in order to see your preferred doctor. You may also try standby.  
  • Q15

    What is International Referral Office and what kind of services do they provide?

  • International Referral Offices are independent entities working with Bumrungrad. As of 2018,  we now have 46 offices in 26 different countries with 1 Virtual RO.  The referral offices provide medical enquiries coordination and travel related information in your native languages. There are no additional fees on your hospital invoice for the services of Bumrungrad’s Referral Offices.    
  • Q16

    What kinds of health insurance does Bumrungrad accept?

  • Please see our Insurance We Accept page for full details.
  • Q17

    What safety standards assure the blood supply at the hospital?

  • Bumrungrad only uses blood supplied by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (more commonly known as the Red Cross).  You can learn more about the Red Cross:
  • Q18

    What training and licensing do nurses, pharmacists, imaging technicians and lab technicians receive?

  • Nurses, pharmacists, imaging technicians and lab technicians of Bumrungrad undergo proper training and pass examinations in order to obtain licenses to practice in Thailand.  Nurses are re-certified at five-year intervals. Furthermore, ICU nurses must receive higher training in these specialized areas.  Bumrungrad staff also receives English language courses and development programs, covering a wide range of patient safety issues.
  • Q19

    What types of in-patient rooms are available?

  • We offer a wide range of in-hospital accommodations — from standard shared rooms of four beds, single rooms to our suites.  All hospital rooms have been designed with the patient’s comfort and safety in mind.  Please see details at In-patient Rooms. 
  • Q20

    What types of license and credentials do your doctors have?

  • All of Bumrungrad’s physicians and surgeons are fully licensed by the Thai Medical Council to practice their specialty in Thailand. In addition, many are Board Certified in their specialty from either the U.S., Australia, or various European countries.  Bumrungrad's credentialing process requires a formal review of each doctor's qualifications and track record by the Credentials and Bylaws Committee and the Hospital's Medical Executive Committee. These reviews must take place before a doctor may join our hospital.  Each doctor then undergoes a review every three years.
    A summary of each of our doctor's qualifications is available through our website.  Please see Doctor’s Profile.
  • Q21

    Where is Bumrungrad Hospital located and what is nearby?

  • We are located in Sukhumvit Soi 3, conveniently located near both the BTS Skytrain: Ploenchit and Nana Station.  We are in walking distance to many popular hotels, embassies, restaurants and major shopping malls.   Map, Direction & Taxi Info
  • Q22

    Why is Bumrungrad well known for international patients (medical tourism)?

  • Every year, Bumrungrad welcomes over 550,000 outpatient visits and inpatient admissions from over 190 different countries worldwide. 

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