Maxillofacial | Dental Implants FAQ

General FAQs
  • Q1 :

    Does it hurt when dental implants are placed?

  • The actual procedure to surgically place a dental implant is done under local anesthesia and usually  is not painful.
  • Q2 :

    How long after a dental implant is placed can it be used to anchor my new teeth?

  • The protocol that was originally developed clearly indicates waiting 90 days for the lower jaw and 180 days for the upper jaw before beginning the construction of the new dental prosthesis that will be supported by the implants.
  • Q3 :

    What are dental implants?

  • A dental implant is a titanium screw that is secured into the jaw bone. It can be a singular tooth replacement or it can be a support for a cap or a bridge.
  • Q4 :

    What is the success rate of dental implants?

  • This depends on where the implants are placed and their function. The best placement of implants is in the front portion of the lower jaw where success can be as high as between 98-100%. In other parts of the mouth, success rates can drop significantly to the 90-95% range.
  • Q5 :

    Who is the ideal patient for dental implants?

  • Anyone in reasonable health who wants to replace missing teeth. You must have enough bone in the area of the missing teeth to provide for the anchorage of the implants.