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Rushed to the Hospital in Bangkok| December, 2013

Less than 24 hours after landing in Bangkok, I was rushed to the hospital…
I was having trouble breathing. The problem came out of nowhere. And it was getting worse.
I had no idea what a hospital in Bangkok would be like… but I was about to find out.
I'm sure the average American thinks a hospital in Bangkok would be an incredibly risky place to go… But when I was having trouble breathing, what were my alternatives?

Source: Dailywealth.com
health care asia magazine ibm watson with bumrungrad

Cancer care in Bumrungrad|

Bumrungrad International, Thailand’s premier international hospital, has partnered with medical tech pioneer IBM Watson to provide better cancer patient care and research.

Source: Healthcare Asia Magazine

【发现泰国】泰国医院哪家强 10佳医院讲你知| July, 2015


Source: 陈永莲 泰国网

全球医疗网络资源整合 高端健康险服务新拓展| July, 2015

中国最大的高端健康险服务提供商MSH CHINA与泰国的Bumrungrad International Hospital签署战略合作协议,就直付医疗网络合作展开了深入对话。 

Source: 法制今报

泰面對疫症來襲反應迅速 | July, 2015


泰國疾病防控部門顧問通察羅恩也指出,當局調查確認康民醫院應對MERS病例的方法和程序「無懈可擊」。他說, 「他們將病人安置在隔離室,所需的傳染病防控措施都做得很到位」。

Trends in medical tourism: Spotlight on Bumrungrad International Hospital| February, 2014

Bumrungrad's success is due to a number of different factors, not least their total commitment to three key aims: to satisfy patients, to satisfy all members of staff and to continuously develop and improve the hospital.
Source: Shinadzu Magazine Momentum , Innovative Healthcare and Medicine 

Top 10 Best Hospitals In The World| April, 2015

A worldwide popular place for medical tourism, Bumrungrad International Hospital has been internationally acclaimed and recognized in providing high standards for medical treatment. The hospital ranks at number 9 of the top ten hospitals in the world.

Source: Ontoplist.com 

Authorities to maintain current measures for contagious diseases| July, 2015

Minister of Public Health Rajata Rajatanavin visited Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok on Monday to inspect the anti-MERS and anti-Ebola measures in place at the hospital. The minister found that measures to prevent communicable diseases had been systematically implemented, and hospital personnel were following precautions against communicable diseases.

Source: National News Bureau of Thailand

Thailand Hospital Discharges Only MERS Case After Found Virus-Free| July, 2015

Thailand, a booming medical tourism hub popular with Middle Eastern patients, has been praised by the World Health Organization for swiftly isolating its first MERS patient and relatives last month.

Source: NDTV

Treating chronic back pain with Endoscopic Spinal Surgery| May, 2015

Chronic back pain is a common health problem, and one that is increasing in prevalence as the global population ages. While most back pain can be treated by conservative measures, when therapeutic treatment fails to cure those patients with a herniated disc or spinal stenosis, Endoscopic Spinal Surgery – a minimally invasive surgical approach that uses an endoscope to operate with increased precision – may be in order.

Source: http://globalhealthandtravel.com/articles/medical/orthopaedics/how-to-treat-chronic-back-pain-with-surgery

Article by: GHT