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livingprepared.com| 9月, 2009

Health insurance is a necessary evil or is it?

Bruce Pearson, a 61-year-old plant nursery owner in Boynton Beach, Fla., was desperate for relief from excruciating back pain. Worried that his health insurance might not cover treatment, he searched the Web for options—finally choosing to have spinal stenosis surgery in Thailand. Pearson's total bill: $4,618.03 for services that would have cost him at least $14,000 out of pocket at home.

So pleased was Pearson with his care by a U.S.-trained doctor at Bangkok's Bumrungrad International Medical Center that he says unless it's an emergency and he can't travel to Thailand, he won't seek treatment in the United States again. "I will crawl back to Bumrungrad if I have to," he says.

patientsbeyondborders.com| 9月, 2009

Medical tourism takes flight

IN THE PAST THREE MONTHS, THE CREAKY Barron's staff has replaced a hip, two knees and undergone various nips and tucks. Based on average prices, these cost a total of at least $100,000. But abroad, say in Singapore, the tab would have been about $50,000, including stays in a private room, airfare and a vacation for the patients and their companions. Elsewhere in Asia, medical care is even cheaper. That's why more U.S. insurers are considering financing treatment for Americans willing to travel abroad.


knowledge.wharton| 9月, 2009

Expanding the footprint of offshore healthcare

It's been called the Mecca of medical tourism. For the past 10 years, Thailand's Bumrungrad International Hospital has been wooing patients from Boston to Bahrain with a combination of lower-cost, state-of-the-art medical care along with service worthy of a five-star hotel.
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magazine.jhu.edu| 8月, 2009

High cost creating medical tourists

Ravi Aron tells the following true story, with the central figure’s identity made vague to protect his privacy. A business consultant retired early, then found he needed heart surgery, a triple bypass. The bill for the procedure plus treatment for some co-morbidities was projected to be six figures. The man was too young for Medicare and his private insurance was going to leave him with a huge co-pay. Then a physician he had known for a long time told him of an alternative, a hospital in Thailand, Bumrungrad International.


Wordpress.com| 8月, 2009

Top chefs prepare tasty menus

Who says hospitalization needs to be stressful? In Asia, where there is a strong tradition of personal care and hospitality, medieval menus are fast being put away and there is there is an aroma of wellness in the air!

etravelasia.net| 8月, 2009

My wife and I have had major plastic surgery done in Bumrungrad. The results have been exceptional," says Dan. "Our surgeon was Dr. Tongtip. She is eminently qualified. We redundantly tracked down her credentials here in the US and found her perfect.


mis-asia.com| 7月, 2009

The Mecca of medical tourism

Establishing a model of the world’s first truly global hospital, Thailand’s Bumrungrad International Hospital has digitized many aspects of hospital work, saving lives, money and enhancing its ability to process health information.


knoxnews.com| 8月, 2008

Knox woman's Thailand trip leaves her in stitches - by design
By Kristi L. Nelson

Sherrie Wilcox returned from her recent trip overseas with a few souvenirs: a pretty scarf, a pink bracelet, a 4-inch abdominal incision.

Fastcompany.com| 5月, 2008

Why Americans Are Going Abroad for Health Care?
By Greg Lindsay

This doesn't look like a hospital," says Ruben Toral, showing me around. "It feels more like a hotel or an upscale mall." After studying the gleaming lobby of Bumrungrad International for a minute or two, I'm inclined to agree.


National Geographic| 4月, 2008

New Robot Pharmacist

A drug-dispensing robot is filling many of the prescriptions at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. Makers say the machine is more reliable than humans.

Business Week| 3月, 2008

More U.S. health insurers are slashing costs by sending policyholders overseas for pricey procedures.

Gulfnews.com| 9月, 2007

Where Abdul Rahman found a new life as energetic seven-year-old.

Bangkokpost.com| 9月, 2007

Ounce of prevention: Competition in Thailand's booming private health-care industry now extends to the basic check-up, so it's wise to shop around.

Asia Inc| 5月, 2006

Bangkok's Bumrungrad hospital is exporting its brand of health tourism to the region and beyond.

Newsweek| 10月, 2006

Operation Vacation: Hospitals around the world are drawing new patients with topnotch doctors, high-tech equipment and low costs. These 10 are leaders in their fields.



Mixing pleasure and health for low-cost, high-quality care. With spending on health care in America topping $2 trillion, Americans are looking at overseas care as an alternative even for complex procedures like heart surgery

Travel + Leisure| 7月, 2006

State-of-the-art hospitals from Bangkok to Cape Town are luring American travelers with low prices and packages that include side trips to local attractions. But are they safe? Louisa Kamps reports.

Washington Post| 9月, 2007

Operation Vacation: Big Savings Have More Overseas Travelers Mixing Surgery With Sightseeing.

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