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Bumrungrad awarded as Most Trusted Hospital in Thailand 2018|

Bumrungrad International Hospital was awarded in the ‘Thai Business Excellence Awards 2018’ as the ‘Most Trusted Hospital 2018’ by South East Asia News Magazine. This award is to recognize businesses which have attained notable success, and Bumrungrad International Hospital is the only hospital in Thailand to win this recognition.

Bumrungrad International Hospital has an outstanding reputation in providing high quality tertiary care, especially tertiary care requiring collaborative expertise of physicians and medical staff in various fields. The hospital is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and has garnered accreditations and awards from several world-class organizations as recognition of its quality care and adherence to international quality and safety standards.

Dell EMC powers digital transformation for Bumrungrad International Hospital|

Bumrungrad International Hospital chooses Dell EMC to become a “smart” hospital and provide personalised medicine in dealing with complex diseases such as cancer

The World's Best Hospitals: A Guide For International Travelers| September, 2016

As Medical Tourism continues to grow and more people find themselves traveling across borders in search of medical care, the value of a high quality healthcare will be even higher. Bumrungrad International’s focus on world-class standards of care is important not only to our patients, but also to those who are exploring something new and want to ensure that the care they receive overseas is the best available. That’s why we continue to feature on many publications as one of the best hospitals in the world, and this one from Global Citizens Association is just the latest on in a long line of accolades from the global community in recognition of our efforts to provide innovative, world-class healthcare to every patient. 

The health implications of squat toilets with Western-style sitting toilets| September, 2016

Bumrungrad's coverage with the interview with our doctor that it is broadcast on PRI’s The World, a radio show that appears on NPR (National Public Radio) stations all across the United States. The article is about the health implications of squat toilets with Western-style sitting toilets. 

Sources: PRI

Top 10 Most Prestigious Medical Centers in the World (2016)| May, 2016

Bumrungrad International Hospital is listed in Top 10 Most Prestigious Medical Centers in the World (2016) by Unbounded Medicine.

Source: Unbounded Medicine

Why You Might Want to Get Your Medical Checkup in Thailand| March, 2016

For the first half-century of my life, I had my yearly medical checkups with doctors in clinics in the United States. But, this year, since I am an expat living in Southeast Asia, I opted to try a little “medical tourism” and have my yearly checkup at the world famous Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m glad I did.

-- Johnathan Look,

Surf, sand ... and surgery? Inside the world of medical tourism| January, 2015

CNN’s “Morgan Spurlock Inside Man” makes a visit to Bumrungrad International and follows Morgan Spurlock through his journey at the hospital, as he shares the benefits of receiving medical care outside the U.S.

Source: CNN Inside Man

Medical Tourism Asia – The Crème De La Creme Destinations| October, 2015

World famous Bumrungrad International Hospital (Bumrungrad) has been featured in many international media and deservedly so. 

Source: Quoted in

Bumrungrad International Hospital at a Glance| November, 2015

Find the summary of what Patients Beyond Borders has written about Bumrungrad International and its patient stories. 

Source: Patients Beyond Borders

Your solution to all medical services at Bumrungrad hospital| November, 2015

The lifestyles of people today differ greatly from how they used to be in the past. Many things have changed -- the environment, residency, food, and eating behaviors are some examples -- and many of these factors impact people’s health. It is also important to note that the characteristics of certain diseases vary between different people. That is why a comprehensive treatment is beneficial in coping with the variations in illnesses.

Source: Bangkok Post

Thai Bumrungrad gets license to open clinic in Myanmar| October, 2015

Bumrungrad International Hospital received a business permit from the Myanmar Investment Commission to operate a private clinic and diagnostic services in Myanmar.

Source: Reuters

Rushed to the Hospital in Bangkok| December, 2013

Less than 24 hours after landing in Bangkok, I was rushed to the hospital…
I was having trouble breathing. The problem came out of nowhere. And it was getting worse.
I had no idea what a hospital in Bangkok would be like… but I was about to find out.
I'm sure the average American thinks a hospital in Bangkok would be an incredibly risky place to go… But when I was having trouble breathing, what were my alternatives?


Cancer care in Bumrungrad|

Bumrungrad International, Thailand’s premier international hospital, has partnered with medical tech pioneer IBM Watson to provide better cancer patient care and research.

Source: Healthcare Asia Magazine

【发现泰国】泰国医院哪家强 10佳医院讲你知| July, 2015


Source: 陈永莲 泰国网

全球医疗网络资源整合 高端健康险服务新拓展| July, 2015

中国最大的高端健康险服务提供商MSH CHINA与泰国的Bumrungrad International Hospital签署战略合作协议,就直付医疗网络合作展开了深入对话。 

Source: 法制今报

泰面對疫症來襲反應迅速 | July, 2015


泰國疾病防控部門顧問通察羅恩也指出,當局調查確認康民醫院應對MERS病例的方法和程序「無懈可擊」。他說, 「他們將病人安置在隔離室,所需的傳染病防控措施都做得很到位」。

Trends in medical tourism: Spotlight on Bumrungrad International Hospital| February, 2014

Bumrungrad's success is due to a number of different factors, not least their total commitment to three key aims: to satisfy patients, to satisfy all members of staff and to continuously develop and improve the hospital.
Source: Shinadzu Magazine Momentum , Innovative Healthcare and Medicine 

Top 10 Best Hospitals In The World| April, 2015

A worldwide popular place for medical tourism, Bumrungrad International Hospital has been internationally acclaimed and recognized in providing high standards for medical treatment. The hospital ranks at number 9 of the top ten hospitals in the world.


Authorities to maintain current measures for contagious diseases| July, 2015

Minister of Public Health Rajata Rajatanavin visited Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok on Monday to inspect the anti-MERS and anti-Ebola measures in place at the hospital. The minister found that measures to prevent communicable diseases had been systematically implemented, and hospital personnel were following precautions against communicable diseases.

Source: National News Bureau of Thailand

Thailand Hospital Discharges Only MERS Case After Found Virus-Free| July, 2015

Thailand, a booming medical tourism hub popular with Middle Eastern patients, has been praised by the World Health Organization for swiftly isolating its first MERS patient and relatives last month.

Source: NDTV

Treating chronic back pain with Endoscopic Spinal Surgery| May, 2015

Chronic back pain is a common health problem, and one that is increasing in prevalence as the global population ages. While most back pain can be treated by conservative measures, when therapeutic treatment fails to cure those patients with a herniated disc or spinal stenosis, Endoscopic Spinal Surgery – a minimally invasive surgical approach that uses an endoscope to operate with increased precision – may be in order.


Article by: GHT

30 Most Technologically Advanced Hospitals in the World| December, 2014

Medical research is constantly pushing the boundaries of health care and redefining what is and isn’t possible. Keeping pace with this vigorous progress, hospitals across the globe are continually updating their equipment and services in order to offer the latest in high-tech medical care. From specialist cancer centers with state-of-the-art digital imaging scanners, to multi-disciplinary mega-hospitals featuring cutting-edge medical robots, these are 30 of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the world.

Article by: by TMHC Staff

Bumrungrad continues to take health care to the next level| November, 2014

Recently Voyageur chatted with Kenneth Mays, Bumrungrad’s Marketing Director about the hospital’s evolution and what gives Bumrungrad its competitive edge. 

Source: CanCham Thailand

How to get the most out of medical tourism| December, 2014

In search of Asia's top medical-tourism destinations, Diana Hubbell maps out some itineraries that add fun and relaxation to the equation. Plus the region's finest facilities, weirdest procedures, bet recovery retreats and more.

Illustrations by Wasinee Chantakorn.

Medical tourism has its risks and rewards| October, 2014

Americans can save money by having medical procedures done in other countries, but an expert advises caution.

Article by: ANNE NICOLAI , Special to the Star Tribune

Help in the heart of the country|

Thanat Sriyagoon, who works at a hospital in Uthai Thani, had worry etched on his face while waiting for his turn to take his five-month-old boy, Onsen, for a cardiac check-up.  "My son had pneumonitis at birth," said Thanat. "We didn't know how or why. He used to turn almost green when he cried before." 

Source: Bangkok Post

Inside Thailand, the land of the white elephant| September, 2014

Kuwait Times was pleased to participate in the ‘Muslim Media Familiarization Trip to Thailand 2014’ organized by Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The week-long trip aimed to promote Thailand’s medical tourism industry, famous beaches, halal food industry and peaceful co-existence between different religious groups and ethnicities...

Bumrungrad is the best for service| September, 2014

There are records that many dying patients returned on foot after taking treatment at Bumrungrad Hospital. Service is the prime policy of the hospital than the consideration of action or reaction of drugs.
Source: Adnan Rahman,

Patients without borders| July, 2014

Bumrungrad International Hospital is mentioned in Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia magazine that it is the most famous hospital in Bangkok which completed renovation of its patient rooms and advanced technologies.

Source: Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia, Patients without borders

Bumrungrad listed #6 in list of “Most Technologically Advanced Hospitals in the World”| June, 2014

Bumrungrad's advanced tech includes a cutting-edge Swisslog Automated Drug Management System, described as “Asia’s first pharmacy robot;” a Siemens Biograph 64 PET/CT medical imaging scanner that helps to identify cancers in their preliminary stages; image-guided radiotherapy capabilities; and an R2 CAD ImageChecker used in digital mammographies.


Top 10 Hospitals In The World | May, 2014

Bumrungrad International Hospital is listed in top 10, as best medical tourism hospital, in 

Transparency and trust in medical tourism| May, 2014

As millions more leave their homelands seeking treatment, the world’s top healthcare providers ask how they can capture a piece of the market. Giving medical tourists a fair deal would be a good place to start. Kenneth Mays, Senior Director, Marketing & Business Development at Bumrungrad International Hospital explains the need for transparency in medical tourism and international patient care.  


Aussie patients jump the hospital queue overseas| May, 2014

Want to jump the public hospital surgery queue?
A Current Affair follows the journey of one man, among thousands of frustrated Aussie patients flocking overseas to have the operation they need, and for a fraction of the cost.

Source: A Current Affair, Channel 9, Australian TV 


Who do we have in Bangkok?| April, 2014

Mayo Clinic Preferred response in action
Alumni connections and willingness to help save a young life
"Who do we have in Bangkok?” An emergency call came in to Mayo Clinic Preferred Response the afternoon of Jan. 18, 2012, initiating a search for alumni practicing in Bangkok, Thailand.
Source: Mayo Alumni Magazine, issue 2014, no.1

Bumrungrad Hospital Attracts Chinese Patients For Its High-Quality Care and Facilities| April, 2014

China Travel Trends recently spoke with Kenneth Mays, Marketing Director at Bangkok’s Bumrungrad International Hospital. Bumrungrad, which has long been at the forefront of Thailand’s medical tourism and wellness industry, is attracting a growing number of Chinese patients. China Travel Trends spoke with Mr. Mays to understand the reasons for this growth in popularity. 


Bumrungrad International Invests in One of the Top Hospitals in Mongolia| April, 2014

Source: NewsAgency

For patients from GCC countries, Bangkok's Bumrungrad International hospital delivers exceptional support| March, 2014

In our last post we discussed some of the things that make Bumrungrad International Hospital (BIH) the world leader for medical tourists, including how it provides special support to patients from overseas.  And there are plenty of them, from all over the world, seeking all kinds of care – over 400,000 expats, tourists, and medical tourists from 190 countries visit every year to receive world-class treatments.


Thailand remains world’s top medical tourism hub despite new challenges| February, 2014

Despite growing challenges from other attractive medical hub countries in recent years, Thailand has retained its premium status as the world’s premier medical tourism hub. Bumrungrad International Hospital is one such institution. Find out how it continues to draw international patients in this report. 

Source: Thailand Business News (Reference: MCOT)

Health tourism boosts Thai economy| January, 2014

In just four years the amount of money medical tourists have spent in Thailand has more than doubled.
Last year the government launched a programme to make the country the Medical Hub of Asia by 2016.
Al Jazeera's Scott Heidler reports from Bangkok

Obamacare, Thai Style.| November, 2013

As many Americans scramble to understand and take advantage of the new health care legislation, now that Obamacare is going to remain on the scene for at least another year, there is one insurance carrier that is offering such premier coverage, for so little cost, that it is having trouble finding customers who believe it’s legitimate. To add to the problem, it’s not even an American company, but has its main office in Brisbane, Australia. And if you need medical treatment, you don’t get it at home – you go to Thailand for it. 


How to Cut the Cost of Your Hospital Stay by Two-Thirds!| November, 2013

A country that is blessed with both gorgeous scenery and people, and some of the most cost-effective and Western-trained medical practitioners in the world, Thailand should be your destination for inexpensive medical or cosmetic procedures this winter.  


Medical Tourism: Overseas and Under the Knife| November, 2013

The Rise of Surgical Tourism: 
Over the past decade, medical tourism has become big business, complete with packages, resort-like accommodations, and travel agents. There are now 100 or more specialty companies, like PlanetHospital, 360 Global Health, and MedVoy, that pair patients with overseas surgeons and hospitals, charging them a percentage of the overall procedure costs. They usually offer trips to major health care facilities – like Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok

Source: Men's Journal

Thailand the top destination for medical tourists| November, 2013

The largest private hospital in Southeast Asia, Bumrungrad is the unofficial leader of medical tourism in Thailand, itself the most popular destination for medical travelers in the world, though accurate data on this fast-growing industry remain elusive

Source:  Canadian Medical Assoc Journal (CMAJ)

Top 10 Global Hospitals| November, 2013

Bumrungrad International hospital has been named one of the most reputed names in Top 10 Global Hospitals by 

"Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand: It is probably best known for medical tourism, and is the biggest private hospital in Southeast Asia. It treats over a million patients every year, and has its own travel agency for extending visas and providing translators for foreigners. Internationally accredited, the Bumrungrad International Hospital boasts of world class luxurious facilities. It accomplished the Thailand Quality Class Recognition Award in 2008, and has won a number of accolades internationally. The hospital represents virtually of all the specialties and subspecialties of medicine, and is regarded as a "one-stop" centre for medical services internationally."


Thailand: Medical hub for Nepalis | April, 2013

The number of Nepali medical tourists visiting Thailand has increased in recent days. The first class hospitals, high class medical technology, top-class physicians and significantly lower treatment costs have attracted many Nepali medical tourists.


Source: The Himalaya Times

Patients Beyond Borders features Bumrungrad in their “Focus On” series about top international hospitals.| February, 2013

 Bumrungrad International is today, in my opinion, a candidate for the title of
“Hospital to the World.” Its management team has worked nearly 15 years to attain a
balance between quality, customer service, and price. As more international hospitals
around the globe work to achieve this enviable position, we’ll begin to see a truly
globalized provider community, one that patients can trust to offer top-quality medical
services, cost and outcomes transparency, and excellent customer care. Speaking as a
patient and a healthcare consumer advocate, that’s good news.

10 Top Health Care Destinations for 2012 | February, 2013

As U.S. health care costs continue to rise and the options for quality care overseas become more widely understood, I'm often asked -- by the media, in conferences and lectures, by friends and acquaintances -- "Where's the best place in the world to go for medical care?"

Accidental Tourist: Visiting the Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok| January, 2013

Among overseas medical destinations, no facility is mentioned more than Bumrungrad (last syllable rhymes with “hot”) Hospital. Bumrungrad is a privately owned but publicly traded 550 bed acute care hospital in central Bangkok. On a recent trip to Thailand, I stopped at Bumrungrad to find out what all the shouting was about and was really impressed with what I saw.

Looking abroad for healthcare| December, 2012

The 35-year-old Beijing white-collar worker traveled to Bangkok in October for skin laser surgery to rejuvenate her appearance at Bumrungrad International Hospital, one of the world's top 10 multiple-specialty medical centers targeting patients globally.

(Source -

Medical Tourism Is A Massive Opportunity For Emerging Nations Like Thailand| November, 2012

Medical tourism isn’t a new concept – Switzerland has been a mecca to foreigners for over 100 years by offering superior health care. Interestingly, a more recent trend of emerging, and even frontier, nations developing medical tourism industries has sprouted.

(Source -

Medical Tourism: 1 In 3 Open To Traveling For Treatments, Poll Finds | November, 2012

Looking for an affordable face lift without breaking the bank? Want to combine a tummy tuck with two weeks in the sun? You're not alone.

(Source -

Myanmar children to have crucial surgery in Thailand| November, 2012

YANGON : Six underprivileged Myanmar children with congenital heart disease will undergo lifesaving surgery in Bumrungrad International hospital Thailand this year as part of a project to celebrate the His Majesty the King's 85th birthday.

Two Myanmar children to get free heart surgery in Thailand | October, 2012

Bangkok-based Bumrungrad International Hospital is to offer free operations to two Myanmar children suffering from heart disease who cannot afford treatment.

The hospital has been giving free treatment to Thai children for the past five years, and has already performed 625 operations without charge. This is the first time they are offering free operations to foreign children.

(Source - Myanmar Times By Nuam Bawi   |   Monday, 29 October 2012)


Thai Hospital to Give Two Burmese Kids Free Heart Surgery| October, 2012

The Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok is planning to offer free operations to two Burmese children suffering from heart disease who cannot afford treatment, according to a report by the Myanmar Times. A 24-member team, including five doctors from the hospital, arrived in Rangoon on Oct. 25 to examine 30 children suffering from congenital heart disease who applied to participate in the program.


The hospital has already performed 625 operations without charge over the past five years, but this is the first time it is offering free operations to foreign children.

(Source: The Irrawaddy October 30, 2012)

The Three S’s of Differentiation That Drive Self-Insured Employers to Offshore Their Employees’ Surgical Care| September, 2012

Safety, Service, and Savings have and will continue to compel some American employers

to consider amending their benefit plans to offer employee incentives to direct care abroad. These three S’s will increasingly be considered by more employers and in this order.


By David Boucher, MPH, FACHE
President & COO, Companion Global Healthcare

Wealthcare: Private hospitals are capitalising on strained Western health services and rising Asian incomes| September, 2012

Over the last decade, the region has witnessed a meteoric rise in private hospital chains catering to an increasingly affluent and aging middle class. Once predominantly located in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, the phenomenon of medical tourism has encouraged chains to expand to other countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam.

The number of foreign patients at Thai private hospitals almost tripled from 550,000 in 2001 to 1.5 million in 2009.


Source - SEAGLOBE January 2012 features The 25 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World| March, 2012

Hospital architecture and designs have transformed over time,  from the once sterile white walls and stark decor to vibrant colors and eye-catching materials on the interior and exterior. The elements in today’s best designs have been proven to improve patient care.

Depending on the type of building, tying in elements of style and flair may be harder than expected. Hospitals  are one type of building where functionality and design must go hand-in-hand. In developing this list of The 25 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World, we considered interior and exterior features and their health-promoting qualities. Designs including warm woods and nature-inspired elements, soft color schemes, and exterior facades designed with regards to their natural settings placed these facilities on the list.


The New Yorker features Affordable Health Care in Thailand and Costa Rica| April, 2012

This year, a few hundred thousand intrepid American travellers will head to places like Thailand and Costa Rica, in search of something that they can’t find in the United States. They won’t be looking for Mayan ruins or ancient Buddhist temples, but something a bit more practical: affordable medical care.


Listen to the podcast that interviews the author of this story click here.

Delta Sky Inflight Magazine Features Bumrungrad International| July, 2012

"Bumrungrad lnternational Hospital Bangkok, Thailand is one of the most technologically advanced and well-staffed medical centers in the word, with 1,200 doctors (300 full-time), including 225 who have board certification from the United States."


Patients Beyond Borders Features: Bumrungrad International| June, 2011

Established in 1980, Bumrungrad International Hospital is the largest private medical facility in Southeast Asia, serving more than 1 million patients per year, including more than 400,000 international patients who visit from 190 countries.

Only the Best for His Father Trusting Thai Doctors to Treat His Father’s Heart Condition| June, 2011

Mr. Hai Phan is confident his 78-year old father, Luan Van, is in good hands – getting the attention he needs for a serious heart condition. Mr. Phan lives in Boston; his father lives in Vietnam, where he owns a rubber company called Bin Phuoc Rubber. “The hospital Bumrungrad has given my father great treatment,” said Mr. Phan.

Full article (English) - Click here

Full article (Vietnamese) - Click here

Travel Smart for Treatment| June, 2011

Patients from different markets seek healthcare abroad for different reasons, according to Kenneth Mays, senior director, hospital marketing & business development of world-renowned facility Bumrungrad International hospital in Bangkok. “People fly to hospitals like Bumrungrad mainly to seek better care than they can get at home: better-trained doctors, specialists in certain diseases or treatments, advanced medical technology and internationally accredited patient safety.” And this is also often at a lower cost as compared to their home countries, to boot.

Life After 50 (Page 24-25) - The pros of overseas care| June, 2011

In 2005, Pearson began vetting local doctorswith the help of a friend who is a retired ortho-pedic surgeon. Unhappy with the choices they had, a hospital in Thailand kept coming up in Pearson’s research: Bumrungrad International (pronounced bahm-roong-RAHT, a Thai word meaning “care for the people”) an internationally-accredited, multi-specialty hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. His friend said, “Go for it.” 

Medical tourism wins fans| June, 2011

In terms of amenities, hospitals like the famed Bumrungrad in Bangkok put their cash-strapped American counterparts to shame. Touches like marble floors, gourmet food, and “Royal Suites,” more reminiscent of a resort than a hospital.

No Other Choice: Why Medical Tourism Continues to Thrive| June, 2011

Bumrungrad hospital is pretty close to what we call a 360-degree automated hospital. From the point the patient has been admitted (from his overseas location) till discharge, all processes are centrally linked to the patient's records and care delivery, and support services are delivered and monitored at the level of each patient.| September, 2009

Health insurance is a necessary evil or is it?

Bruce Pearson, a 61-year-old plant nursery owner in Boynton Beach, Fla., was desperate for relief from excruciating back pain. Worried that his health insurance might not cover treatment, he searched the Web for options—finally choosing to have spinal stenosis surgery in Thailand. Pearson's total bill: $4,618.03 for services that would have cost him at least $14,000 out of pocket at home.

So pleased was Pearson with his care by a U.S.-trained doctor at Bangkok's Bumrungrad International Medical Center that he says unless it's an emergency and he can't travel to Thailand, he won't seek treatment in the United States again. "I will crawl back to Bumrungrad if I have to," he says.| September, 2009

Medical tourism takes flight

IN THE PAST THREE MONTHS, THE CREAKY Barron's staff has replaced a hip, two knees and undergone various nips and tucks. Based on average prices, these cost a total of at least $100,000. But abroad, say in Singapore, the tab would have been about $50,000, including stays in a private room, airfare and a vacation for the patients and their companions. Elsewhere in Asia, medical care is even cheaper. That's why more U.S. insurers are considering financing treatment for Americans willing to travel abroad.

knowledge.wharton| September, 2009

Expanding the footprint of offshore healthcare

It's been called the Mecca of medical tourism. For the past 10 years, Thailand's Bumrungrad International Hospital has been wooing patients from Boston to Bahrain with a combination of lower-cost, state-of-the-art medical care along with service worthy of a five-star hotel.
Play audio - MP3| August, 2009

High cost creating medical tourists

Ravi Aron tells the following true story, with the central figure’s identity made vague to protect his privacy. A business consultant retired early, then found he needed heart surgery, a triple bypass. The bill for the procedure plus treatment for some co-morbidities was projected to be six figures. The man was too young for Medicare and his private insurance was going to leave him with a huge co-pay. Then a physician he had known for a long time told him of an alternative, a hospital in Thailand, Bumrungrad International.| August, 2009

Top chefs prepare tasty menus

Who says hospitalization needs to be stressful? In Asia, where there is a strong tradition of personal care and hospitality, medieval menus are fast being put away and there is there is an aroma of wellness in the air!| August, 2009

My wife and I have had major plastic surgery done in Bumrungrad. The results have been exceptional," says Dan. "Our surgeon was Dr. Tongtip. She is eminently qualified. We redundantly tracked down her credentials here in the US and found her perfect.| July, 2009

The Mecca of medical tourism

Establishing a model of the world’s first truly global hospital, Thailand’s Bumrungrad International Hospital has digitized many aspects of hospital work, saving lives, money and enhancing its ability to process health information.| August, 2008

Knox woman's Thailand trip leaves her in stitches - by design
By Kristi L. Nelson

Sherrie Wilcox returned from her recent trip overseas with a few souvenirs: a pretty scarf, a pink bracelet, a 4-inch abdominal incision.| May, 2008

Why Americans Are Going Abroad for Health Care?
By Greg Lindsay

This doesn't look like a hospital," says Ruben Toral, showing me around. "It feels more like a hotel or an upscale mall." After studying the gleaming lobby of Bumrungrad International for a minute or two, I'm inclined to agree.

National Geographic| April, 2008

New Robot Pharmacist

A drug-dispensing robot is filling many of the prescriptions at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. Makers say the machine is more reliable than humans.

Business Week| March, 2008

More U.S. health insurers are slashing costs by sending policyholders overseas for pricey procedures.| September, 2007

Where Abdul Rahman found a new life as energetic seven-year-old.| September, 2007

Ounce of prevention: Competition in Thailand's booming private health-care industry now extends to the basic check-up, so it's wise to shop around.

Asia Inc| May, 2006

Bangkok's Bumrungrad hospital is exporting its brand of health tourism to the region and beyond.

Newsweek| October, 2006

Operation Vacation: Hospitals around the world are drawing new patients with topnotch doctors, high-tech equipment and low costs. These 10 are leaders in their fields.


Mixing pleasure and health for low-cost, high-quality care. With spending on health care in America topping $2 trillion, Americans are looking at overseas care as an alternative even for complex procedures like heart surgery

Travel + Leisure| July, 2006

State-of-the-art hospitals from Bangkok to Cape Town are luring American travelers with low prices and packages that include side trips to local attractions. But are they safe? Louisa Kamps reports.

Washington Post| September, 2007

Operation Vacation: Big Savings Have More Overseas Travelers Mixing Surgery With Sightseeing.