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Dell EMC powers digital transformation for Bumrungrad International Hospital|

Bumrungrad International Hospital chooses Dell EMC to become a “smart” hospital and provide personalised medicine in dealing with complex diseases such as cancer

The World's Best Hospitals: A Guide For International Travelers| September, 2016

As Medical Tourism continues to grow and more people find themselves traveling across borders in search of medical care, the value of a high quality healthcare will be even higher. Bumrungrad International’s focus on world-class standards of care is important not only to our patients, but also to those who are exploring something new and want to ensure that the care they receive overseas is the best available. That’s why we continue to feature on many publications as one of the best hospitals in the world, and this one from Global Citizens Association is just the latest on in a long line of accolades from the global community in recognition of our efforts to provide innovative, world-class healthcare to every patient. 

The health implications of squat toilets with Western-style sitting toilets| September, 2016

Bumrungrad's coverage with the interview with our doctor that it is broadcast on PRI’s The World, a radio show that appears on NPR (National Public Radio) stations all across the United States. The article is about the health implications of squat toilets with Western-style sitting toilets. 

Sources: PRI

Top 10 Most Prestigious Medical Centers in the World (2016)| May, 2016

Bumrungrad International Hospital is listed in Top 10 Most Prestigious Medical Centers in the World (2016) by Unbounded Medicine.

Source: Unbounded Medicine

Why You Might Want to Get Your Medical Checkup in Thailand| March, 2016

For the first half-century of my life, I had my yearly medical checkups with doctors in clinics in the United States. But, this year, since I am an expat living in Southeast Asia, I opted to try a little “medical tourism” and have my yearly checkup at the world famous Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m glad I did.

-- Johnathan Look, NextAvenue.org

Surf, sand ... and surgery? Inside the world of medical tourism| January, 2015

CNN’s “Morgan Spurlock Inside Man” makes a visit to Bumrungrad International and follows Morgan Spurlock through his journey at the hospital, as he shares the benefits of receiving medical care outside the U.S.

Source: CNN Inside Man

Medical Tourism Asia – The Crème De La Creme Destinations| October, 2015

World famous Bumrungrad International Hospital (Bumrungrad) has been featured in many international media and deservedly so. 

Source: Quoted in Top10asia.org

Bumrungrad International Hospital at a Glance| November, 2015

Find the summary of what Patients Beyond Borders has written about Bumrungrad International and its patient stories. 

Source: Patients Beyond Borders

Your solution to all medical services at Bumrungrad hospital| November, 2015

The lifestyles of people today differ greatly from how they used to be in the past. Many things have changed -- the environment, residency, food, and eating behaviors are some examples -- and many of these factors impact people’s health. It is also important to note that the characteristics of certain diseases vary between different people. That is why a comprehensive treatment is beneficial in coping with the variations in illnesses.

Source: Bangkok Post

Thai Bumrungrad gets license to open clinic in Myanmar| October, 2015

Bumrungrad International Hospital received a business permit from the Myanmar Investment Commission to operate a private clinic and diagnostic services in Myanmar.

Source: Reuters