HPV - Zip Up Challenge: You may get HPV in your lifetime…

December 31, 2020
In 2018, an estimated 570,000 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer worldwide and about 311,000 women died from the disease. Persistent infection with high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) types is the main cause of cervical cancer.

HPV strains 16 and 18 alone are responsible for 70% of all cervical cancer cases. Most of HPV infection are contracted through sexual intercourse.

Moreover, most infected persons have no signs or symptoms, causing them to spread the virus unkonwingly. Women aged 30 and over should get Cervical Cancer Screening by Co-Testing.

The Co-Testing is the combination of HPV DNA test and Pap smear (Cytology). The tests help detect the virus and looks for abnormal cells which may become a cancer in the future at the same time. Thus, this method can help the doctor to detect the early stage of cervical cancer more than Pap test alone.

*Recommend to receive the co-testing every 3-5 years. But for abnormal results should follow-up as doctor recommendation.
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