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Lung Cancer Detection through Low Dose CT

Low-dose CT can detect the presence of lung cancer before symptoms present. This method requires much less radiation exposure than a traditional X-ray.

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Exercises to help you avoid ankle sprains and strengthen the ankles

If you have recently sprained your ankle, watch this video to help you reduce the pain, while also strengthening your ankles.

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Family Planning and Hereditary Risk

Your genes can determine your traits. Carrier screening involves genetic testing to identify gene mutations you have, that have the potential to be passed down to your children. Genetic testing helps provide ‘peace of mind’ while you are planning for the arrival of a child.

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Relieve knee pain and ankle sprains through the right exercise

This exercise video can help you to avoid injury while doing sports. It’s one of a VDO series.

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Half-matched Stem Cell Transplants: Twice the Hope, Half the Wait, Full Recovery

A haploidentical stem cell transplant (colloquially called “half-matched transplant”) is a highly effective treatment option available at the Horizon Regional Cancer Center. “The bone marrow transplant is a treatment option for cancer of the blood. In some cases, it is the only hope of being completely cured of cancer, but the chances of finding a complete-match bone marrow donor are very slim. However, a 50% match is now all that is required for treatment with high success rate. ” said Assoc. Prof. Col. Dr. Wichean Mongkonsritragoon, a haematology and oncology specialist.

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Swelling and redness around the anus is treatable. Don’t be embarrassed.

An anal fistula is a red bump, sometimes with pus, that occurs around the anus and buttocks.

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I Live What I Do | Dr. Brian Kunakom | Naturopathic Consultant

Therefore, our health can always be better. But it has to start somewhere”, Dr. Brian Kunakom, one of Bumrungrad’s Naturopathic Consultant, is very passionate in what he does, sharing the other side of wellness and healing.

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Understanding Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is a serious condition of the kidneys defined as the gradual loss of their function over a prolonged period of time. It is categorized into five stages based on severity.

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Amazing Journey of Pregnancy | Bumrungrad’s Women Center

Having a baby is one of the most life changing events you will ever experience. Bumrungrad’s board-certified obstetricians and anesthesiologists are available 24/7 to guide you on this amazing journey, providing all the support needed for a safe labor and delivery.

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