Family Planning and Hereditary Risk

Family Planning and Hereditary Risk

Your genes can determine your traits. Sometimes they can become mutated, and pose a risk to inherit such mutated gene(s) from their parents. Carrier screening involves genetic testing to identify gene mutations you have, that have the potential to be passed down to your children. Genetic testing helps provide ‘peace of mind’ while you are planning for the arrival of a child.


Genetic testing can identify heritable health risks for your child

Genetic carrier testing is recommended for all parents-to-be. The best time for your carrier screening is in the preconception or pregnancy planning period. When it is performed before or during pregnancy, it helps you find out the chances of having a child with a genetic condition.


Why couples should consider genetic testing before pregnancy

Even if both parents have no diseases or medical problems, there still is a slight risk that their future child will be born with a genetic disorder. If one of the parents has a history of inherited disease, the couple is definitely advised to get tested for the potential risk to their child.


What diseases are passed from parent to child?

Genetic carrier screening can tell whether a person has a gene for certain genetic conditions that may be passed down to one’s child. The screening also focuses on diseases or conditions such as mental disorders, cognitive disabilities, unexplained infertility, miscarriages or malformations.


What if an abnormality is detected?

If you are not pregnant, our medical doctors and expert teams will work together with you to determine your options. Our reproductive specialist might recommend in vitro fertilization (IVF) with preimplantation genetic testing, which can test and select eggs or embryos that do not have the gene mutation before that embryo is transferred into the uterus.

If you are pregnant, you will need further screening and testing to help determine whether your child has the genetic abnormality. We can work with you to gather as much information as possible to help formulate the best plan for you and your child.


Does ethnicity play a role in the risk of inherited diseases?

There are thousands of inherited diseases. Some occur more often in certain races or populations, but there are many other diseases for which there is a chance of being a carrier, regardless of ethnicity. Since many people may not know their exact ethnic origins, genetic testing is generally considered useful.

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