Genetic Medicine Clinic

Genetic Medicine Clinic
Bumrungrad International Genetic Medicine Clinic is providing diagnosis, treatment, and advice, including risk assessment and screening for diseases caused by genetic abnormalities. Geneticists, pharmacists, and scientists are working together effectively as a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience along with international standard genetic testing laboratory. 

What is the type of genetic testing?
  1. The test to predict the chance of serious diseases that may require preventive measure or intensive surveillance.
  2. The test to predict the likelihood of allergies, efficacy, and safety of certain drugs.
  3. For couples who plan to have children, the analysis will focus on genetic diseases that can pass to their children. Couples with risk will seek advice from specialists for better monitoring, prevention, and timely treatment.
  4. For diagnosis in patients presented with clinical abnormality. 

What diseases are hereditary?
It is well known that congenital abnormalities are often caused by genetic disorders. But from the present knowledge, findings show that many severe diseases such as coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, and some cancers are caused by genetic disorders that can pass from generation to generation. Those with a family history of mentioned conditions are at risk of developing diseases in the future or currently having disease without symptoms.

Who should have a genetic test, and when?
In the past, genetic tests often rendered in patients presented with illness. But nowadays, it is recommended for healthy persons who concern about the risk of genetic disease that can be prevented or monitored. In such cases, anyone can request for genetic testing.


Genetic Medicine Clinic
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