Skin (Dermatology) Center

Bumrungrad’s Dermatology Center in Bangkok, Thailand focuses on promoting skin health and well-being. From skin to hair and nails, we help you prevent and treat skin conditions, as well as offer ways of enhancing normal skin.
We have two specialties: 
Focusing on skin conditions for adults and children.
Helping you maintain and enhance your skin health and appearance.


We have over 25 doctors on call, supported by a team of registered nurses to give you the proper care you need to maintain and improve the overall health of skin, hair and nails. Our doctors are internationally and locally board certified, with several working as consultants to medical universities.
  • Doctor Care: At Bumrungrad, you will always be evaluated and treated by a specialized skin doctor.
  • Making Appointments: We are able to maintain short waiting times, allowing you to make appointments with little or even no notice to help you quickly evaluate and treat any concerns you may have.
  • FDA Approved: We only use FDA approved pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals and equipment for all treatments. We can offer medical grade ingredients in creams, gels and pills which are not available over the counter.


Skin Conditions We Treat

Some examples of skin conditions the Bumrungrad doctors treat: 
  • Pigmentation
  • Psoriasis (red skin and irritation)
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Skin cancers
  • Warts

Specialty Areas

Besides general dermatological issues, we have two special areas of interest:
Children’s Services:  Children’s skin is constantly affected by the environments they are in. We help you treat their issues as they arise, and help prevent future conditions from occurring. 

Aging Skin
As the skin is the protective barrier against the outside, our skin is always being attacked. Sunlight, bacteria and injuries are external issues that wear down the skin. Improper diet, smoking and alcohol also act on the skin in negative ways.
We help you with early detection of issues, “photodamage” from sunburns, with skin check-ups. And we help treat any issues to improve the health, and prevent them from getting worse. 

Investigative Procedures

To analyze and treat skin, hair and nail conditions, we can offer the following services: 
  • Instant Direct Examination: For more complicated concerns such as fungal infection, Bumrungrad doctors do instant direct examination. We take samples and can immediately classify the condition through microscope evaluation, gram-staining and other tools. 
You can get instant information without the need to wait for the samples to be sent to a laboratory. 
  • Biopsy: For skin cancer and other more difficult-to-diagnose (?) concerns, we use a biopsy to determine the issue, and determine if it is benign or malignant.  
All biopsies are evaluated by our certified-board dermatopathologists – very specialized doctors whose sole focus in on skin health: skin diseases, skin cancer and other skin conditions. 
  • Special Laboratories: For issues which cannot be determined from the above tests, we have special laboratories which can evaluate any skin condition or disease. 


Therapeutic Procedures

We view treatment in three ways: 
  • Prevention: We advise the correct type and levels of protection, such as medical-grade sunscreens or vitamin A acid, for your specific skin type.  
  • Enhancement: We recommend hospital level cosmeceutical products which can improve the condition, flexibility and appearance of your skin, hair and nails. 
  • Therapeutic: We prescribe medication (topical, oral or through injection) based on the condition treated. We use the original patented formula and not lesser quality imitations.

We use only FDA approved equipment for the treatment of your condition.

Skin Aesthetics (prev. Skin Laser Center)

The Aesthetic Dermatology Center focuses on the beauty and condition of your skin, hair and nails.

What distinguishes Bumrungrad’s Aesthetic Dermatology Center is the care patients receive from the doctors themselves.  While we do have skilled nurses to assist with procedures, you will be personally taken care of by the doctors - you will never have an aesthetician or technician perform treatment for you.  Our dermatologists pride themselves on your results.
The Bumrungrad dermatologists give custom treatment for conditions such as:
And many others, through personalized services such as: 
  • Skin resurfacing for wrinkles & acne scars
  • Removal of age spots, moles & warts
  • Treatment of port-wine stains/birthmarks
  • Eradication of unsightly blood vessels

Prevention & Rejuvenation

We focus on both preventative measures as well as rejuvenation techniques to ensure the total wellness and balance of your skin, hair and nails. 
  • Preventative
Wrinkles: we use hospital grade pharmaceuticals, such as sunscreens and neutraceuticals, to truly protect your skin from the ravages of the environment and time.  State-of-the-art laser rejuvenation in complement with other procedures can help delay aging signs.
Hair: Our certified hair specialists can offer individualized treatment for your specific hair problems.

  • Rejuvenation
Wrinkles: To rejuvenate your skin, we only use FDA approved lasers, botulinum toxin, fillers and chemical peels to smooth and tighten the areas you want.
Discolorations: For conditions such as port-wine stains, birthmarks and other discolorations, we use the latest in laser technologies to achieve the best look possible for you.
Vascular Conditions: Conditions such as spider veins (called telangiectasias or sunburst varicosities) are treated through the use of FDA approved lasers maintain to the highest JCI standards, or through injection of hospital-grade pharmaceuticals.
Scars: We help you with your concern for raised, depressed and discolored scars.  Through a customized treatment plan using laser or chemical peels, we smooth and improve these bothersome scars for you. 
Hair Removal:  We use FDA approved lasers, such as the Nd:YAG 1064 nm (GentleYAG) and Diode 810 nm (Soprano), which removes your unwanted hair less painfully, and more successfully, than electrolysis.

Additional details on our laser and other treatments can be found through the links on the right side, top of the page. 



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