Wrinkle Treatments

Skin wrinkles are grooves in the skin. They can be on the surface of the skin or be quite deep.

Skin loses its strength and elasticity as a person ages. This makes the skin less supple, which is thought to be part of the cause of wrinkles and skin sagging seen in the elderly. Sun exposure and smoking also contributes to the development of wrinkles.

Symptoms of wrinkles include deeply formed lines and fine, crinkling crosshatch marks. Skin that is wrinkled may also have a tough, leathery appearance if the person has had a lot of exposure to the sun.

A number of factors can cause wrinkles, including the following:
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Sun damage
  • Repeated facial movements such as frowning
  • Aging

Please note that this information should be used only as a guide to your treatment. All specifics will be discussed with your Physician at your consultation.

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