Permanently amazed by the effective identification for precise treatment

"Immensely impressed by the hospital's swift and decisive action, I shudder to think what might have unfolded had the doctor not intervened promptly that day. I could've ended up in another medical facility, possibly staring down the daunting prospect of invasive colon cancer surgery and a life tethered to a colostomy bag."
At 44, Khun Supravan initially sought care for hemorrhoids and hepatitis A at a private Si Racha District hospital. Post hepatitis A treatment, an incidental yet alarming discovery emerged during an MRI of her liver—an ominous mass in her distal colon. Urged to seek specialized care, she sought consultation at a Bangkok private hospital, where the unsettling diagnosis of colon cancer was confirmed.
Dr. Weerapat Suwanthanma, a highly regarded colorectal surgeon at Bumrungrad International Hospital, provided a second opinion based on a friend's referral. Dr. Weerapat explored potential causes, pointing to either colon cancer or endometriosis and proposed consulting a team of top-notch endoscopic surgery experts at Bumrungrad.
Despite initial reservations, Khun Supravan opted for Bumrungrad following a dissatisfactory experience elsewhere. She lauded their exceptional agility, professionalism, and holistic patient-centric approach.
Impressed by Bumrungrad's seamless coordination, Khun Supravan consulted with Clinical Associate Professor Dr. Tossapol Kerdsirichairat. His detailed explanations and simplified admission process significantly minimized her travel between Si Racha and Bangkok. Despite initial apprehensions about potential stage 3 colon cancer, she placed her trust in Bumrungrad's stellar track record.
Following a PET-CT scan revealing a bright area in her distal colon, subsequent tests like general colonoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound showed no abnormalities. Dr. Tossapol's astute inquiry uncovered crucial overlooked details—past lower abdominal pain during menstruation and cyclical rectal bleeding akin to prior menstruation cycles, despite her earlier uterus removal—hinting at a higher possibility of endometriosis.
Collaborations with specialists like Dr. Navara Dusitanond of Colorectal Surgery led to discussions with Dr. Chanita Katepratoom and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Damrong Tresukosol of Gynecology Oncology. This resulted in a personalized plan for endometriosis. Dr. Chanita conducted minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, strategically removing Khun Supravan's ovaries to halt endometriosis growth, which Khun Supravan preferred as the potential treatment, should endometriosis be confirmed intraoperatively. The combined efforts of Dr. Chanita, Dr. Damrong, and Dr. Tossapol, merging surgical and medication approaches, effectively resolved Khun Supravan's rectal bleeding.
Khun Supravan praised the doctors' professionalism, international training, and receptiveness to patient input. She commended their teamwork, coordination, and exceptional communication skills. Moreover, she valued their patient-centric approach, efficient insurance handling, and unwavering focus on patient well-being.
"This treatment marks a new beginning," she gleamed. "I feel rejuvenated—improved eating habits, daily exercise, and self-care are now my top priorities. It's like a new lease on life."
Khun Supravan ardently recommended Bumrungrad to her inner circle, emphasizing their unparalleled professionalism and unwavering dedication to addressing critical medical conditions.


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