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Scoliosis Patient Testimonial | Khun Boonsiri Chutinawee’s impressions of scoliosis surgery

Boonsiri Chutinawee, a 15-year-old patient, found out that she had scoliosis after she underwent a health check-up at school. Having noticed an uneven waistline, she lost self-confidence. She then talked with her family about getting surgery as a cure.

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Bumrungrad Experiences: Myanmar Patients Share Their Stories

Explore the inspiring stories of Myanmar patients who have had remarkable healthcare experiences at Bumrungrad International Hospital.

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Seeking Wellness Abroad: An Indonesian's Experience with Thailand's Healthcare System

Join Mrs. Kristy, a dynamic woman from Jakarta, on her journey to discover exceptional healthcare services abroad.

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Recovery in Full Swing: Michael Lesch's Golf Inspiring Comeback

Join the journey of resilience with Michael Lesch as he makes an inspiring comeback to golf after wrist surgery at Bumrungrad International Hospital, led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thanapong Waitayawinyu. An uplifting watch for every golfer facing injury setbacks. 

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A Journey of Precision Healthcare | Unexpected Answer

Join us on Dallas's transformative path to self-care at Bumrungrad. As a dedicated mother who places her family first, her journey began with a routine health screening.

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Trust in Healthcare: Dechen Choden's Experience at Bumrungrad International Hospital

Join Dechen Choden from Bhutan as she recounts her journey with Bumrungrad International Hospital.

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Vibing with Unconventional Positivity

We welcome Parakram, Rehan, and Subeksha, energetic and vibrant Nepali media personalities. They took a comprehensive tour of Bumrungrad International Hospital and shared their eye-opening impressions. They also ensured that our positivity will continue to thrive.

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Permanently amazed by the effective identification for precise treatment

"Immensely impressed by the hospital's swift and decisive action, I shudder to think what might have unfolded had the doctor not intervened promptly that day. I could've ended up in another medical facility, possibly staring down the daunting prospect of invasive colon cancer surgery and a life tethered to a colostomy bag."

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Healthier You Live, Stronger You Love l Patient Journey from Myanmar at Bumrungrad International Hospital

Join us as we introduce you to Daw Myat Khine and U Kyaw Hlaing, a couple with a strong 38-year relationship. They are also the proud owners of a unique traditional lacquerware shop.

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