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Aug 04 2020

Against the Unthinkable: Facing the illness with infectious hope

“Hope; that my wife will survive the operation. The word is what sooths me the most. We are hoping for the best.” This, in so many words, is a UN diplomat Sameer Sharma’s plea for his beloved wife’s life in the fight against breast cancer.

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Jul 29 2020

Protect Your Little One from Rotavirus with a Vaccination

Rotavirus is highly contagious and can affect infants and young children severely. This blog addresses symptoms, transmission routes, treatment and prevention.

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Jul 24 2020

It Is Normal to Have Vaginal Discharge but Certain Sign and Symptoms Should Guide You to Seek Care from a Health Professional

Leukorrhea refers to the natural secretions that are released from a woman’s vagina. These secretions are responsible for lubrication and the prevention of infection. The type, color, and volume of discharge varies from person to person, as well as time based on the individual’s menstrual cycle. Read up on what else it can tell and what to look out for.

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Jul 22 2020

Intense Pulsed Light: An Innovative Solution for Dry Eyes

IPL, or intense pulsed light, application in the treatment of dry eyes as well as other chronic eyelid diseases. This blog introduces the process, procedure, and identifies suitable candidates.

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Jul 22 2020

Robots and Radiation: How Cutting-edge Sciences Cut Away Prostate Cancer

Robotic–assisted da Vinci Surgery or Da Vinci® Prostatectomy or Robotic Prostatectomy is one of the most minimally invasive option available.

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Jul 10 2020

Migraines are a medical condition that can be treated

Many people experience this painful, pumping feeling in the head, caused by migraines. Although there is no miracle cure to heal migraines, however, chronic migraines can be controlled by adequate self-care and proper medication.

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Jul 08 2020

Surgical pathology: the treatment pathfinder

“I myself was once a cancer patient at Horizon Regional Cancer Center. Six years have passed, and I still get regular checkups. I follow my doctor’s recommendations and take my anti-hormone medicine religiously.

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Jul 07 2020

Liver Health Screening

The liver is one of the most important organs due to its role in digesting fats, removing waste products from the body, and destroying disease, all of which can be negatively affected by our diets and modern-day lifestyles

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Jun 25 2020

Arrhythmia: Keeping Pace With What To Do

This blog introduces the Arrhythmia center and CardioInsight, sheds light on the diagnostics, treatment and management of arrhythmia.

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