Healthy Aging

February 17, 2016
There are plenty of healthy habits you can incorporate into your daily routine during your younger years that reduce the chances of developing chronic diseases. But what do you do when you are suffering from an age-related disease? As you grow older, it becomes increasingly important to take care of your health so that you can live life to the fullest.

Common elderly health issues

Be your best in your golden years by actively seeking out holistic care specifically designed for aging adults.

As we age, our body’s abilities to do everyday functions begin to slowly deteriorate. There are age-related changes in our vision and hearing that include failing eyesight and hearing loss. Our skeletal and muscular systems begin deteriorating, resulting in brittle bones from osteoporosis and reduced strength.

There is a decrease in functionality of our immune and nervous systems that can lead to dizziness, imbalance, and neurodegenerative disease. There is also memory loss and confusion, sleeping problems, as well as longer recovery periods after becoming sick.

Let’s not forget about the complex oral health care required to maintain dentures, bridges, and crowns that replace failing teeth, or the inconvenience of irregular bowel movements or incontinence.

As we grow older, chronic diseases also surface. These include high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and obesity. Even though these conditions are nearly preventable with proper habits in the early years of your life, older adults who suffer with these chronic health issues still need special care. These usually can be treated, and managed by proper medication.

Benefits of holistic care for older adults

Generally speaking, adults over the age of 65 require and receive medical care more than any other age group. Healthy aging begins with holistic care that specifically targets medical issues that affect older patients. This is a special blend of primary healthcare and preventative healthcare that can go a long way to keeping you healthy and active well into old age.

Bumrungrad’s New Life Healthy Aging Clinic aims to meet that demand and provide specific services for aging adults. Older patients can receive services such as special screenings for early memory impairment, osteoporosis, and depression; vaccinations and optimized medical dosages; as well as special guidance for pre and postoperative care.

Our experienced physicians, clinical nurses, clinical pharmacists, nutritionists, and physical therapists work together as a team to provide the best care and management for these complex health issues.

For example, patients who are diagnosed with osteoporosis can reduce their chances of fracturing or breaking a bone by following a doctor’s advice on proper dieting, exercise routines, and medications (if necessary) that can help to increase bone density.

Drug interactions are a problem for patients at any age, but they are especially prominent in older patients because of the high likelihood of being prescribed multiple medications. Re-evaluating your current medications and their dosages also helps to maximize the benefits of your prescription and may even eliminate, reduce, or change certain medications as new types become available.

Older patients can also benefit from advice about maneuvering around their home. Replacing stairs with ramps, mounting rails in hallways and in bathrooms, and installing an intercom system are all upgrades that make your home a more convenient place to live.

Don’t settle for old age. With proper health care management, you can feel younger and happier for longer than ever.

By Dr. Lily Chaisompong, Geriatrician and Internist, New Life Healthy Aging Clinic, Bumrungrad Hospital

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