Antepartum Obstetric Ultrasound Examination

Antepartum obstetric ultrasound examination is very useful to find out any abnormal structure of fetal body, especially main structures of body such as skull, brain, spine, chest, lungs, heart, abdominal wall, and abdominal organs such as stomach, liver, kidneys, and bladder, etc. This includes fetal development in order to confirm or identify fetal age in case that mother if not sure about her exact date of last period in order to estimate due date and prevent post-term birth, check the abnormality of umbilical cord, placenta, and amniotic fluid

When to take the ultrasound?
The most proper time of pregnancy to take the ultrasound scan is from 5 months on (18–20 weeks)
Certain types of abnormality cannot be diagnosed, especially the abnormality occurred in the very tiny organ or certain type of heart disease by birth.

The most important thing is that, the examination is to confirm structural abnormality only, it doesn’t indicate functional abnormality. Example of functional abnormality despite normal structure is autism.

Antepartum obstetric ultrasound examination is safe and can be done throughout the pregnancy. There is no report on fetal abnormality caused by the examination.

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