A Daughter’s Plea and A Father’s Promise: A Man’s Battle Against Leukemia

“You must get better, Daddy. Promise me! I miss you so bad.” These words are the lifeline of Mr. Ashebir Yimam. He will not break his promise. Together with the Horizon Regional Cancer Center at Bumrungrad International Hospital, Mr. Yimam is ready to fight.
2014 was a turning point in Mr. Yimam’s life. He had been working as a data collector in Ethiopia when he began to experience chronic fatigue, affecting his work performance. He decided it’s time for a health check-up. “At first, I didn’t think it was anything serious. I simply thought I was overworked. However, after a thorough examination, my doctor informed me that I had leukemia.”
Mr. Yimam’s company has been a great support to him.. “After I’ve recovered from the shock of this terrible news, I discussed my diagnosis with my family and colleagues. I was presented with the names of two highly reputable hospitals - one in India and one in Thailand.
The more Mr. Yimam’s learned about Bumrungrad hospital, the more his confidence grew. “The doctors at the Horizon Regional Cancer Center provide me with a very detail explanation of the advanced care and treatment options available. Their words, along with the reputation of Bumrungrad, convinced me immediately; it was an obvious choice to travel to Thailand.”

A Rollercoaster of Emotion

It’s perfectly normal for patients to experience a wide range of emotions from one day to the next during the first phase of treatment. For Mr. Yimam, he compared the event to riding a rollercoaster - a combination of apprehension and anticipation. His treatment began with 6 cycles of chemotherapy cycles, once every 21 days, which yielded excellent results. It was around this time when the Horizon Center’s Dr. Wichean informed him about stem cell treatment. This treatment option, if successful, could completely cure him of leukemia.
“When Dr. Wichean told me that stem cell treatment could cure me of the cancer, I was overjoyed! The doctor said that he could use stem cells collected from my sister for the treatment. My sister became my savior. She gave me a new chance at life. I am forever grateful to her.”

Holistic Support of Family and Technology

For more than 8 months, Mr. Yimam had to be away from his beloved family. The circumstance depressed him for a time, but it was his daughter who gave him the strength and the will to overcome leukemia.
“ You must get better, Daddy. Promise me! And please come home quickly. I miss you so bad!” – a little voice on a telephone from the other side of the world pulled him out of his depression and sustained himself over the course of treatment.
“Am I worried whether leukemia would happen to my family as well? Actually, I had asked the doctor (Dr. Wichean) the same question. He told me leukemia is not hereditary but rather a person’s specific mutation. The doctor is very good at what he does, so his answer had given me great comfort. I am very lucky to have such wonderful physicians at such a great treatment facility with the most advanced technology.”

The Great Impression about Bumrungrad International Hospital

“I need to thanks the doctor who helped me return to my family and daughter.  Special thanks go to the nurses who devoted their time to care for me during the chemotherapy and stem cell process. I also want to thank the staff, whom I do not know by names but have treated me so well. Thank you to the Bumrungrad interpreter team who facilitated the communication process and gave me comfort throughout the treatment experience. Lastly, I’d like to thank all the kind people at the Horizon Regional Cancer Center who helped me to get a chance at a new life and give her father back to my daughter.”

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