The Evolution of Medical Imaging Technology

June 28, 2022
Artificial intelligence (AI) has attracted global interest because it can revolutionize businesses and industries, especially in the medical sciences. AI plays a key role in increasing medical competency.

Bumrungrad is one of the top hospitals in Thailand in terms of the adoption of the latest medical technology. We do research and use advanced medical technology including AI, Big Data, Genomics, and Scientific Wellness. Our physicians and multidisciplinary healthcare professionals use these information to deliver holistic healthcare services, resulting in the best possible treatments that meet international standards of safety.

Recently, Bumrungrad has adopted Radiology AI, which assists radiologists in screening, analyzing, and locating abnormalities in the lungs and detecting early stages of breast cancer. The Radiology AI deep learning algorithm forms large artificial neural networks to imitate how the human brain and the nervous system work. Hence, Radiology AI offers more accurate imaging and interpretation than other forms of machine learning, which only performs tasks based on past data. Moreover, Radiology AI can perform further data analysis and was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2021. Radiology AI is stable, accurate, and fast because it uses Microsoft Azure, an internationally recognized cloud-computing platform.

Currently, Bumrungrad is actively using the Radiology AI in the check-ups, intensive care unit, emergency room, and more. There are two uses of the Radiology AI. Firstly, Radiology INSIGHT CXR analyzes an average of 100,000 chest x-ray images per year. Secondly, Radiology INSIGHT MMG supports the analysis of mammographic images to detect breast cancer. Through AI, Bumrungrad aims to deliver a meaningful patient journey by timely detecting cancer. With the expertise of our radiologists, the Radiology AI will further support Bumrungrad to drive international groundbreaking medical innovation.

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