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Jan 13 2021

Benefits of Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is more often hereditary than other cancers. Some women have genetic mutations in certain genes that increases their risk of breast cancer. Genetic testing can be performed to identify mutations in such genes.

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Oct 29 2020

Breast Cancer: Understanding a Diagnosis

Among the cancers affecting women worldwide, breast cancer is one of the most common. Still, an individual diagnosis is a personal issue, affecting each woman differently and bringing up a myriad of questions. Understanding a breast cancer diagnosis is vital so that medical teams can tackle the disease alongside a patient.

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Oct 14 2020

Breast Cancer: Risk Awareness & Early Detection

With 2 million cases diagnosed worldwide in 2018, breast cancer accounts for over 10% of all cancers and some 23% of all cancers in women. With the potential to be highly curable, breast cancer still remains one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths for women across the world.

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Oct 28 2019

Breast Cancer: End of the Road is Further Away than You Think

Unfortunately, “Cancer” has become such a common word today.  Especially in women, “breast cancer” is the most common cancer globally, to the point that one eighth for women have a chance to face this type of cancer sometimes in their lives.

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Jun 28 2017

Breast Cancer Treatment Options

Breast cancer has currently replaced cervical cancer as the number one cancer most commonly found among Thai women

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Feb 19 2016

How a Doctor Detects Breast Cancer

It's important to detect breast cancer early on, which can be done by getting a mammogram regularly.

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Jan 18 2016

Q&A Better Health always provides you accurate and reliable health information.

Better Health always provides you accurate and reliable health information. The questions we receive are only answered by physicians and medical specialists.

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