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January 14, 2016

A Better Chance at Health for Heart Patients from Vietnam  

Bumrungrad International Hospital is pleased to announce the success of “Vietnam Healing Hearts Charity,” a project that provides life-saving heart surgery at Bumrungrad Hospital to impoverished Vietnamese citizens suffering from congenital heart disease.  
The program honors His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej on the occasion of his 70th accession anniversary, as well as marking 40 years of diplomatic  relations between Thailand and Vietnam, and celebrating  the 36th anniversary of Bumrungrad’s founding. Under the program conducted in July 2016, five impoverished  Vietnamese citizens with congenital heart disease received  surgery at Bumrungrad Hospital at no expense. The patients  have fully recovered and have returned home via AirAsia,  which also provided full sponsorship of the program. 


Opening of Bumrungrad Clinic Yangon  

Bumrungrad International Hospital recently opened  the Bumrungrad Clinic Yangon, a new primary care and  diagnostic center located in Yangon. In its early stage, the clinic will provide primary care, preventive care, radiology, an on-site clinical laboratory and appointment coordination to  liaise with Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand.  

Bumrungrad Clinic Yangon ensures the same level of quality as Bumrungrad’s main campus in Bangkok through our latest medical technology and equipment and healthcare professionals trained in Thailand and overseas. 
Attending the Bumrungrad Clinic Yangon opening ceremony  were Ambassador Pisanu Suvanajata from the Royal Thai  Embassy, Yangon; Mr. Denis Brown, former Corporate CEO  of Bumrungrad; Dr. Mo Nyan Kyaw (Marcus); and Mr. Bruce  Mo Ye Kyaw, executives from Yangon International Medical  Services, along with many honored guests and journalists.


Celebrate Mother’s Day 2016 with  “Mom’s Little Secret”

Bumrungrad celebrated Mother’s Day by inviting new parents to join our special event, “Mom’s Little Secret.” The event featured lectures with tips for moms-to-be, given by physicians and natal specialists. Topics included how to prepare for 40 weeks of quality pregnancy; normal delivery versus caesarean section and which is better for Mom and safer for Baby; skincare during pregnancy; and staying fit during pregnancy. Celebrities Khun Lydia Sarunrat Deane and Khun Nattakarn (Techarattanachai) Prasobsaipornkul shared their experiences as new mothers.

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