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Bumrungrad Experiences: Myanmar Patients Share Their Stories

Explore the inspiring stories of Myanmar patients who have had remarkable healthcare experiences at Bumrungrad International Hospital.

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Seeking Wellness Abroad: An Indonesian's Experience with Thailand's Healthcare System

Join Mrs. Kristy, a dynamic woman from Jakarta, on her journey to discover exceptional healthcare services abroad.

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Take Control of Your Health, The Undeniable Benefits of Regular Check-ups

Discover the benefits of early detection and why making time for regular health check-ups could be the best decision for your long-term health. Learn how proactive screenings can keep you one step ahead of illness, ensuring peace of mind and a healthier future.

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Healthier You Live, Stronger You Love l Patient Journey from Myanmar at Bumrungrad International Hospital

Join us as we introduce you to Daw Myat Khine and U Kyaw Hlaing, a couple with a strong 38-year relationship. They are also the proud owners of a unique traditional lacquerware shop.

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Nurturing Your Mothers' Well-being: A Guide to Holistic Healthcare

In the contemporary era, women have numerous responsibilities — career responsibilities and household responsibilities. And often, with their busy schedules, many ignore their health. However, prioritizing personal health is vital.

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Customizing Women's Healthcare for Different Life Stages

Women's health maintenance spans three life stages: adolescence, reproductive age, and menopause. Within each phase, females may encounter distinct symptoms and varying disease risks. Thus, adhering to routine medical check-ups as advised by a healthcare professional and promptly consulting a doctor when noticing unusual symptoms can aid in disease prevention and early detection.

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Welcome back to Thailand

After months of lockdown and travel restrictions, we are glad that medical and tourist visa is finally available to enter Thailand. No quarantine option for fully vaccinated travelers is also possible.

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At Your Convenience: A Health Check-up in the Afternoon

Health check-ups are the best way to detect health issues early and respond to any arising concerns promptly. We all have busy schedules and, unfortunately, we might find it difficult to disrupt our routine.

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How Old Are You Really?

Everyone wants to age gracefully, but many of us will develop chronic conditions such as heart disease, adult-onset diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol that may negatively impact life expectancy as well as quality of life.

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