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May 18 2018

What Should Be Part of Your Health Check-Up

It’s important to have regular health check-ups no matter your age.

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May 03 2018

Selecting the Check-up Package that’s Right for You

Have you ever heard the saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?

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May 03 2018

Why do the Tests of an Annual Health Check-up Change When We Age?

Regular health check-ups are important because they are not only able to find health problems.

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Feb 01 2018

What parents should know about yearly check-ups for children

Parents spend a lot of time with their pediatrician during their child’s early months and years, taking great care to follow the immunization and check-up schedule.

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Feb 14 2017

Is love good for your health?

Here, let us count the ways that love enriches our health

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Jan 20 2017

What Can a Health Checkup Do for You?

Here are some ways that a health checkup from Bumrungrad can help you achieve your goals for getting healthier in 2017

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