Get Help With Painful Shoulder Muscle and Tendon Tears

February 04, 2015

The various joints of the human body are necessary for movement. While they provide flexibility and movement, the joints also need to be stable as well. However, the more mobile a joint is, the less stable it becomes. The shoulder joint is the most commonly dislocated joint. Its stability comes from the muscles and tendons of the rotator cuff. If you tear these muscles or tendons, you will need to seek medical attention for a thorough diagnosis and treatment in order to reduce the pain and regain the ability to move the shoulder freely once more.    

The shoulder is the joint most susceptible to dislocation in the body.

Our body’s joints help us move around. Without the ability to move, we cannot perform our daily activities. However, it is not only the mobility of a joint that is important, but also its stability. Stability helps to resist the effects of dynamic forces on the joints. The ability to stabilize the joints comes from the bone structure and ligaments that connect the different parts of the joints as well as from the muscles within the joints. Generally, an antagonistic relationship exists between joint mobility and joint stability. The more mobile a joint is, the less stable it is.
The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body. This joint allows the arms to be placed in different positions so that the hands can be used to perform countless activities. The shoulder joint has greater mobility than other joints, but also less stability. As a result, the shoulder is the most commonly dislocated joint in the body. There is no bone structure providing stability at the shoulder joint. Its stability comes from the muscles of the rotator cuff, particularly the four muscles of the rotator cuff and deltoid muscle. It is very important for these muscles to work in concert with each other.

Rotator cuff tear can be repaired. 

Tears of the rotator cuff are very common. In the past, it was thought that tears of the rotator cuff were not a big problem. However, it is now known that it can have serious consequences if left untreated because the pain can affect the ability to lift the arm and move the shoulder. Rotator cuff tears usually cause pain over the deltoid region and the pain becomes worse at night. In the early stages of this condition, the shoulder can work normally, but the inability to raise the arm and weakness will increase in line with the severity of the rotator cuff tear.
Rotator cuff tears can be identified during a physical examination. An MRI scan is used to assess the severity of the rotator cuff tear and plan the most appropriate treatment option. The conventional treatment method is effective in patients with small tears and mild conditions. However, ongoing observation of the condition is required because a rotator cuff tear cannot heal itself. With the large tear causing pain and an inability to raise the arm, arthroscopic surgery or arthroscopic repair (Rotator Cuff Surgery)  is the best treatment option.

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