What you need to know if you have a rotator cuff tear

Get to know more about the rotator cuff tear and how to treat it with Bumrungrad sports medicine specialist & orthopedic surgeon from this video.

What is the rotator cuff and why is it important?
The rotator cuff consists of a group of 4 tendons attached to the proximal humerus at the shoulder joint. The Function of the rotator cuff is to control the shoulder joint for a wide range of motion.
A rotator cuff tear occurs by a sudden movement or traumatic incident in a specific position in young active patients or a slow degenerative tear in patients of advanced age. Overhead activity from sports such as badminton, tennis and golf are also risk factors for rotator cuff injury.
Rotator cuff injury symptoms are shoulder pain, inability to move shoulder normally, pain when sleeping at night on that shoulder. These are all classic signs
If you have rotator cuff tendinitis or impingement, conservative treatment can be done by either physical therapy and cortisone injection.
Some types of rotator cuff tears require treatment by arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, in which we reattach the rotator cuff to its original insertion. Options include single row or double row repair, depending upon the type of tear you have. This animation shows arthroscopic double row rotator cuff repair using high quality absorbable bioanchors with double fixation medially and laterally, which is why it is called double row repair. 
The rotator cuff here is visualized directly by arthroscopy using different portals in the shoulder. Repair is done using bio suture anchors to fix the rotator cuff tissue back to its insertion at the bone of the humeral head. The suturing is done by special arthroscopic needles. This shows completed double row repair.
Under the concept of value medicine at Bumrungrad International, we provide many arthroscopic shoulder surgery packages that will fit to your individualized needs.
Here we also focus on high quality postoperative care and intensive physical therapy to bring you back to preoperative function as soon as possible.

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