Women’s health check-up



Women’s health check-up

Women's life stages are based on the reproductive cycle, starting with puberty in adolescence, followed by the reproductive age, and then menopause. Women within an age range require specific kinds of care based on their age group. Each age group is faced with age-related developments and age-related risks of disease.
All women should aim for proper healthcare, and it should start with preventive medicine.
We recommend that all women have an annual physical examination, and see the doctor as soon as possible if any abnormal symptoms are present. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential. Following up on treatment results and following the doctor's healthcare recommendations is also vital.

A woman’s reproductive age refers to the period when they are able to conceive. This ranges from 20 years old to menopause, which is about 50 years old on average. During this age period, with sexual activity and female sex hormone production, women have a higher chance to develop diseases. These diseases are divided into five main groups, as follows:


Infectious Diseases or Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Women practicing unprotected sex face a higher risk of getting these types of diseases. As some may be asymptomatic, producing or showing no symptoms, they may not be aware of the infection. However, if left untreated, this can lead to infertility, cervical cancer, or other complications.


Non-Sexually Transmitted Infections
These infections are due to various reasons, including lack of airflow, wearing tight fitting pants, frequent use of sanitary pads, etc. Mostly, they occur from improper cleanliness, so the most effective prevention is maintaining good hygiene.


Benign Tumors
Benign tumors are commonly found in women of reproductive age and possibly linked to genetics and female hormones. They can form in several places including the uterus and the ovaries. Examples are uterine fibroids or myoma, ovarian endometriomas aka “chocolate cysts,” and ovarian dermoid cysts.


Malignant Tumors and Cancerous Tumors  
In women of reproductive age, there is the risk of many types of malignant tumors including cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and fallopian tube cancer. Causes include genetics, smoking, and HPV infection. Women who are sexually active are recommended to have an annual screening for cervical cancer and HPV infection. Those at low-risk should receive an HPV vaccination and follow the doctor’s recommendations.


Sex Injuries
Among the causes of sex injuries are vaginal dryness and issues with the sexual organs that result in vaginal cuts or tears, among other issues.

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