Shoulder Instability

Shoulder dislocation or instability occurs when the ball of the shoulder joint becomes loose and leaves the socket. The injury can be triggered by overuse, previous dislocation, as well as other prior injuries or genetic conditions. 

Symptoms of Shoulder Instability
Pain, repeated shoulder dislocations or a sense that the shoulder giving out. A persistent feeling that the shoulder is loose, slipping in and out of the joint.
Our shoulder specialists will determine the cause of your shoulder instability using X-rays, MRI scans and CT scans. This will help you choose the right course of treatment.
Some patients do not need surgery for shoulder dislocation and instability. They recover with a combination of icing, medication, rest, restricted movement and physical therapy. In cases where tissues are damaged or loose due to recurrent dislocation, surgery is required to reduce the risk of further shoulder instability and dislocation.

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