Hip Osteoarthritis

Common causes of OA hip
• Primary osteoarthritis of the hip, with no apparent cause 
• Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip, DDH, caused by abnormal formation of the hip joint during early stages of fetal development
• Osteonecrosis of Femoral Head, ONFH
• Post-traumatic OA Hip
• Septic Arthritis of Hip Joint
• Arthritis of various types such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis

Symptoms of Hip Osteoarthritis
The patient experiences pain in the hip area especially in the groin usually during movement like walking. The aching pain may travel down to the knee area, but not extending to the feet and with no feeling of numbness. Symptoms begin with a feeling of stiffness when moving the hip joint. When the pain worsens over time, the patient will be unable to walk normally with the stiffness causing hip joint movements. 
Prior to treatment, the doctor will examine your hip condition through radiographs, CT scan or MRI to assess the degeneration severity of the hip joint.
Treatment of hip OA depends on the degeneration severity of the hip joint. Initial treatment in mild cases, patients are usually prescribed medication and physical therapy, following symptoms. For patients with severe hip dystrophy, hip replacement surgery is often required.

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