The Bumrungrad Health Villa Retreat in Bang Krachao

September 28, 2023

Located 45 minutes from the center of Bangkok, the integrative holistic rehabilitation health villa is surrounded by nature in the peaceful and beautiful green lung of Bang Krachao.

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Bumrungrad International Hospital is committed to being the most trusted healthcare and wellness destination. For decades, Bumrungrad has provided seamless, world-class quality care while placing great importance on the recovery process. The Bumrungrad Health Villa is an ideal base for physical rehabilitation for patients who require physical therapy following surgery, delivered by a team of Bumrungrad healthcare specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

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Surrounded by tropical greenery, each villa features a bedroom carefully designed for restful sleep, an adjoining living room, and a terrace overlooking an enchanting view of nature for a perfect rehabilitation. The service fee starts from 150,000 Baht for 7 days package.

For more information, please contact. +66 (0) 2055-3155

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