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If you enjoy an active lifestyle, are self-conscious about wearing glasses or simply wish to wake up to a clearer world without the aid of eyeglasses, then refractive laser surgery at Bumrungrad International could be your perfect solution for a brighter future.

Trust Bumrungrad’s internationally trained team of ophthalmologists to deliver international standards of quality and safety using state-of-the-art VISX-STAR S4 technology. You can have clear vision in a matter of minutes without compromising on results or your comfort. Bumrungrad International has been providing laser correction since 1992 and LASIK in particular since 1997. Our team of experienced ophthalmologists has an enviable track record of success.

LASIK makes everything clear.

A surgical computer using multiple beam widths and automatic tracking mechanisms to capture the movements of the eye in three dimensions generates precise maps of each eye. This data is then used to apply a micro-fine laser directly to the cornea. Our Active Trak Automatic Centering Device then locates the exact center of the pupil and automatically sets the appropriate treatment settings for your eye. This fully integrated system ensures optimum precision and maximum safety for you.

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