Semen Collection Instructions


  1. Semen should be collected when you are in good health. If you are sick or on any treatment, please notify your doctor. Staying relaxed is a key.
  2. Do not release semen by any method at least two days before collection but no more than seven days.
  3. Please wash your hands and genital area before collection.
  4. Semen must be collected by masturbation. Do not do sexual intercourse and withdrawing during ejaculation. Do not use condoms or lubricants when collecting semen.
  5. Semen must be collected in a sterile container prepared by the staff only.
  6. Semen must be collected in a specific room. Please drop off the collected semen in the specimen delivery box in the room and then press the button to call an officer to pick up the specimen and send it for lab test.
  7. If semen is collected at home, please bring to the laboratory within one hour after collection and store in room temperature during transport. Please do not freeze the specimen. Semen must be collected in a container prepared by the hospital only.
  8. You may submit the collected semen specimen from 8 am to 3 pm.
  9. For special procedure, semen must be collected in the hospital only.
  10. Please bring identification (ID) card for confirmation of specimen.
  • The person who delivers the semen specimen must be the semen owner or his wife only.
  • If you are unable to deliver the specimen yourself, the person delivering it must carry a copy of their identification (ID) card with a signature and a copy of the semen owner’s identification (ID) card with signature, specifying that the delivery person has the authority to drop off the semen in your behalf.

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