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Say Goodbye to Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can cause intense pain and discomfort but can be prevented and treated effectively. By adopting preventive measures, such as staying hydrated, watching your diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and considering medications, and seeking expert care from the Bumrungrad Urology Center, individuals can bid farewell to kidney stones and regain their quality of life.

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Why is kidney disease screening important and which patients are considered at risk?

kidney disease can strike people at any stage of life, from childhood, adulthood to senior years. Those with early-stage kidney disease do not tend to have any symptoms, which often leads to patients failing to receive crucial treatment in a timely manner. Kidney screening therefore takes on huge importance.

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Understanding Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is a serious condition of the kidneys defined as the gradual loss of their function over a prolonged period of time. It is categorized into five stages based on severity.

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The Color of Your Urine Can Be an Indicator of Health Conditions

Have you ever stopped to look at the color of your urine? Checking the color of your urine from time to time could provide you with health information you may never have imagined possible.

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Kidney Stones: 8 Important Facts You Need to Know

How painful are kidney stones? Based on surveys of patients, kidney stones and gunshot wounds produce similar levels of excruciating pain. Cases of kidney stones have doubled In many developed countries during the past 30 years.

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Research Links Kidney Damage to Chemicals in Popular Food and Drink

Cases of chronic kidney disease have grown significantly in recent years due to the global diabetes epidemic.

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About Chronic Kidney Disease

If symptoms of chronic kidney disease start to show, seek immediate medical treatment.

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Why Are Kidney Stones So Painful?

Pain is our body’s way of saying that something inside isn’t right. It can be sharp, dull, intermittent, or constant, but one thing is certain: kidney stones can be extremely painful. Which can beg the questions of why they are so painful, and what can be done to prevent this condition?

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The Dangers of Consuming Too Much Salt

Salt (sodium) is an essential nutrient, but consuming too much is unhealthy.

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