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Permanently amazed by the effective identification for precise treatment

"Immensely impressed by the hospital's swift and decisive action, I shudder to think what might have unfolded had the doctor not intervened promptly that day. I could've ended up in another medical facility, possibly staring down the daunting prospect of invasive colon cancer surgery and a life tethered to a colostomy bag."

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Congenital hypothyroidism

Thyroid hormones are hormones produced from the thyroid gland, which located at the anterior part of the neck. Thyroid hormones have roles in regulation of body’s metabolism. In children, thyroid hormones also have important roles for growth and brain development.

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Take Control of Your Health, The Undeniable Benefits of Regular Check-ups

Discover the benefits of early detection and why making time for regular health check-ups could be the best decision for your long-term health. Learn how proactive screenings can keep you one step ahead of illness, ensuring peace of mind and a healthier future.

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Alzheimer's Awareness Month: Reduce Risk Factors

In honor of the Alzheimer Awareness Month, this interview aims to raise awareness about the critical importance of early detection and spotlights Bumrungrad Memory Clinic and Neuroscience Center. It helps people to understand what are the risk factors and how they can decrease them.

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Pink October: Celebrating Positive Advances in Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment

In honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this blog aims to raise awareness about the critical importance of early detection and spotlights Bumrungrad Breast Center's multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer care, highlighting advances in early detection and personalized treatments that offer hope for improved patient outcomes.

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Preserve Your Joints for an Active Lifestyle

To preserve joint health and sustain an active lifestyle, it is essential to understand the process of joint deterioration, which can lead to conditions such as osteoarthritis. Non-invasive treatments like physical therapy, weight management, lifestyle adjustments, and options such as corticosteroid injections or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections can effectively mitigate joint deterioration.

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Getting to know precocious puberty

Normally, girls start puberty between the ages of 8-13 while boys do between the ages of 9-14. Precocious puberty happens before age 8 in girls, and before age 9 in boys.

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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation in the plantar fascia in the foot, the fibrous attachment to the heel bone. It is the most common cause of heel pain. The main symptom is pain in the bottom of the foot or the heel and the pain is usually the worst with the first few steps out of bed in the morning or when getting up after long periods of sitting. The pain is often relieved after walking for a while or after stretching. Generally, plantar fasciitis can heal on its own even without any treatment. However, getting proper treatment can help it heal faster and taking proper care of the soles can reduce the recurrence rate.

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Healthier You Live, Stronger You Love l Patient Journey from Myanmar at Bumrungrad International Hospital

Join us as we introduce you to Daw Myat Khine and U Kyaw Hlaing, a couple with a strong 38-year relationship. They are also the proud owners of a unique traditional lacquerware shop.

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