3 Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of Living in Bangkok

September 12, 2017
Those of us who are lucky enough to call Bangkok home already know that it’s an exciting and interesting city, always changing yet staying the same. From its ancient temples to gourmet cuisine on nearly every corner, life in Bangkok is anything but boring. Which leads us to the question of how to take advantage of this unique living experience and get the most benefit out of living in Bangkok. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

1. Start, and stick to, a healthy routine. Bangkok life can be one of too much indulgence in rich foods and interesting cocktails, and too little exercise due to a heavy social calendar. Overcome this trend by reminding yourself that a healthy life doesn’t have to be a boring one. Explore your community to find things like meetup groups dedicated to a sport or activity you enjoy, or get a membership to one of the exciting fitness studios that are always popping up around town. If joining groups isn’t your style, grab a bike and cycle around some of Bangkok’s parks, most of which are located right in the heart of the city and offer a great chance of pace from the concrete jungle. Even easier, just go for an easy stroll around your neighborhood and see what you find in your own neck of the woods.

2. Find your tribe. Bangkok residents are anything but boring. Hailing from all corners of the world and ranging across the spectrum in age and experience, this city offers great diversity alongside a vibrant and ancient culture. So, having a chance to connect with people from very different, as well as very similar perspectives is as simple as going out there and finding the right people for your social circle. Whether it is through joining one of the many community organizations or committing time each week to get out there and make some new friends, finding your own community in Bangkok is worth the effort. Here’s a tip: the annual Living in Bangkok event held at Bumrungrad International Hospital is one of the best way to do just that!

3. Take advantage of community events. Whether it is a weekly farmers’ market, healthy living workshops, arts & crafts fairs, or the annual Living in Bangkok event, there are many opportunities throughout the year that are dedicated to connecting our community across different interests and values. Now in its 19th year, Living in Bangkok exists to fulfill one simple mission: to connect Bangkok’s diverse residents with their local community, giving a chance for families and individuals to come into direct contact with the businesses and organizations that aim to make life in Bangkok a more exciting and convenient reality for all. This year, Living in Bangkok is partnering with the Bangkok Famers’ Market , making it even easier for residents to find and make the connections which may last well into the future.

Join us at this year’s Living in Bangkok event , held on the 21st floor of Bumrungrad International Hospital’s Clinic Building on Saturday, September 23rd from 9am until 5pm. Bring the whole family and enjoy the interactive game we have organized for you, and see if you walk away with one of our exciting prizes. We hope to see you there!


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